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  • No worries at all; I can definitely understand that. It doesn't really matter if you aren't a quick study, I believe what matters overall is that you try your best and you do not give up. I hope that you can settle in easy sooner rather than later. You strike me as an able fellow so I doubt it will be more than you can handle!
    Burned out? That is no good. I am glad that I haven't been yet, though I am unsure of why I haven't yet. I suppose I am just trying to get as much done as possible before the DLC releases in regards to shiny hunting and the like. What have you been up to aside from SwSh or what has your interest lately I should say?
    Sorry for this delay, I was a bit busy... Haha, I can imagine Nanu casually throwing Poke Balls with the expression he always carries!
    High School life was okay :P I didn't enjoy it much, but it's finally coming to an end, and I'll be done with it in March. It's assignment time now, so it'll get hectic in the following weeks. How about you, Nanu? When did you begin weight lifting?
    Greetings! Not too much but I am actually on a hunt for a shiny Arrokuda! That nifty little fish has grown on me; actually I am quite partial to shiny fish. It makes me a bit sad that Golden/Seaking's HA isn't released otherwise I would be hunting that down.

    How have you been?
    I don't know how I'm of culture :P
    Now that you're here, I'll say this: I like Nanu too :] He's enigmatic, chill and represents what seems 'stylish' to me XD And I assume Mightyena's your favourite Pokemon, isn't it? Nice to see a generally unnoticed Pokemon get some attention. How's thy life?
    REs? Excuse me, my abbreviated lingo isn't too buff. It did take me quite a significant amount of hatching though, one full week of hatching daily. By far the longest time taken for me to hatch.

    Congratulations! I am so thrilled to hear this news; you definitely deserve this and I do so hope you settle into it smoothly.
    It goes very well, I managed to finally hatch my shiny Mimikyu and have been recovering swiftly from an abrupt cold, thank you for asking. And how about yourself then?
    Giovanni is top tier but I am unsure of my feelings toward Guzma, I think as a unit I do like him. My personal favourite would have to be Master Cyrus of course! With Mirror B being an honorable mention.
    I probably won't get PMD actually; I rented Explorer's of Sky and loved it but it just isn't really my thing overall. I might test out the demo though. How about yourself? And I am not that great competitive wise either; I don't even evolve some of my Pokemon. I think it's a villain's fate to continuously lose anyway though, so I never take it too personal.
    Very nice. If you need assistance with the dex, just shoot me a pm. I'm shiny hunting, and this Mimikyu is taking a surprisingly long amount of time but it makes it rather exciting I feel. Breeding seems to be my main focus but I'd like to eventually get into competitive.
    I would die for him; he is such a blessing to the franchise and they absolutely did his character justice in the anime which was a full relief.
    I feel like most officers end up becoming a Nanu once they get close to retiring.
    I surely hope not. I'm crossing my fingers for it to be home finally being announced or another G-Max event. How about yourself?
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