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  • not that you were you eagerly awaiting this update (lol) but I finally got my new gaming laptop! Excited to set it up today and finally be able to do some stuff my current laptop couldn't hack! :))
    mate I still haven't gotten around to getting mine either! Happy new year! Hope you had a nice Christmas too!
    I don't need a super high bench mark, although I'd like it to be able to play most modern games at least when I get it, to future proof it a lil. I'd mostly be playing older games but if I wanted to play a newer game I'd like to have the option haha!
    Do you have a gaming PC or laptop?
    nice! same here actually, not as unbearably hot anymore haha!
    the model I wanted to get sold out so I decided to take so more time thinking before choosing another model! Hopefully I can still pick it up fairly soon tho!
    appreciate the sentiment, and totally right back at ya!
    summer heat has been kinda unbearable where I live lol, but should be getting some retail therapy soon at least, planning to get my first ever gaming laptop soon!
    should be returning to work soon lol, but god dunno if I'd say I'm good lmao.
    Defo been a rough season, hopefully summer will be better!
    hope you are good at least! :P
    not too bad I have had more time for anime and other hobbies, my workplace was damaged in a storm and got an expected month off for the repairs lol, result! hbu?
    ah I'm using 9anime, can't stand crunchyroll. If something is on a streaming service I already pay for like prime or netflix I'll watch it on there, if not I go to 9anime!
    lol sorry, the message became longer than originally intended!
    Ah I haven't read all the AoT manga , I do read a lot less manga than I watch anime, but I do occasionally pick up & read a physical volume!
    lmk how you like Black Clover & if you start anything else! :)
    it is a lil out of hand yea lol, tbf I hop around and back and forth between the bunch and also when I finish a season of something that has a sequel I do add it's sequel to my currently watching so I don't forget to go back and watch the sequel before starting something completely new! There's also a small handful of things that have been stuck on there a while as I haven't been able to find them!
    I also recently started Black Clover! Soo late to finally get around to it haha, I'm only like 5 eps in but it can take me a while to get around to something I wanna watch when I'm already watching a lot! Especially longer series like Black Clover tend to get put off for a while haha! I also recently started Saint Seiya I've wanted to watch for the longest time but similarly put off, supposed to be a classic! I've really been enjoying both so far but have barely just started them haha!
    New AoT has been absolutely nuts and I need to catch up with Demon Slayer S2 which I believe is gonna be completely aired soon!
    defo! And so good to keep track if u watch a lot of different shows at once!
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