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  • yeah with my fiance.

    i said i was looking for friends and the first response was good luck.

    rude much
    um. i got a house and a puppy. i joined discord and im looking for people to talk to.

    the people are kind of rude on there tbh.
    Ooooh long time no speak!! How have you been? And yes spot on there haha. And hmmm yes just empty climate would be pretty ideal I guess idek hahaha and ooooh that's weird how it's different in other countries or maybe that just me being ignorant! Although the thought of me going round a roundabout the other way makes me feel very anxious hahaha. You all ready for Christmas? :)
    Ok all this talk of maths is making me lose my appetite. xD But wow computer engineering is a scary title - makes numbers spin in my head. @_@ Computers are an enigma to me... I'm glad to hear you're doing what you're interested in though, which is really what will pull you through to the end. :) What made you decide on computer engineering?

    Yeah I know. Does winter have much of a presence over where you live? It gets pretty overcast and dreary for about five months where I'm from, from May to September. Nice to cuddle up and watch movies and all, but rain loses its novelty pretty quick around here. xD

    Most of the games I play are PG-13 at any rate haha. They are fun and I would wholeheartedly recommend them! I found Fire Emblem Fates a little dull (and too gimmicky) but Shadows of Valentia was so worth the buy! I think because it holds more traditional Fire Emblem values. Plus it's fully voice-overed, which I found pretty engaging. Helps bring the characters to life. And I know, right? I'd be dreaming if I put a PS4 on my Christmas List though, haha. ^^;
    There's someone I know who'd very much share your sentiment on university. They're doing Cyber Forensics and man, there's no way I could wrap my head around those maths. xD I've no head for figures so I think I'm going to have to do English and Creative Writing after all. Only problem is, when it comes to writing, I go through extreme lengths of procrastination haha.

    Well that's Rosie for you. :P Summer here is in December/January/February, but it certainly feels like winter at the moment, as it's raining and only 14 degrees. xD And I will - she'll be glad to hear from you!

    Ok my list of games is waaaay more girly. xD Lots of Pokemon, Mario Kart 8 (on emulator), Fantasy Life 3DS, Fire Emblem Fates + Echoes, Skyward Sword and so on. Lots of 3DS games at any rate. :P Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to put the FFVII remake on my PS4 wish list!
    Yeah haha, daily life is pretty monotonous on my side as well. 2017 has been a good year for me so far though, very easy-going (but I'm fairly stressed with finishing year 12). I'm hoping 2018 is just a little more... eventful. :P

    But yeah Rosie's doing good too, just annoyed at being permabanned haha. We're hoping to be back in full swing by the end of summer so expect her crazy self to return on Bulbagarden. :P

    Been playing any new games? I really want a Switch and PS4--mostly for Breath of the Wild, Ni no Kuni 2 and Dragon Quest XI. :D
    Hmmm I don't think privacy means much anymore tbh, my mum always tries to get on my phone!! And well tbh thinking about it I don't even like the rain or sun and definitely not the wind as I'm allergic, all weather sucks in my book :p and left hand side haha what about you?? And omg I'm so sorry I took so long to reply, l was doing so well too!!!! :p
    Can't help it, my old soul is stuck in its old ways. I vividly remember this wonderfully chippy young Australian gentleman who had the great honot and fortune of making the acquaintance of my blade
    See that's a good idea but I'm too paranoid that somebody is gonna go on my phone and look at my passwords since I can't have a passcode because either I forget it or everybody knows it!!!!! I mean the weather isn't good here at all!! It never like goes above 21 degrees usually and it roast most days as English weather is pretty sucky hehe I'd rather live somewhere sunnier deffo!!! And thank you!! Thank god my driving instructor is in France at the moment so I get a break from him!!! :p ahh I see, I never understood was that was haha :o
    the new and improved right here!! So it's taken me a bit longer this time but I still think I'm doing pretty darn good :p and I did type in the wrong password twice today so she still isn't learning ffs!!!! Yes I am rather excited haha, be nice to do something outside when the the weather is nice this summer!! I know I know it's just the practical is the worst part by far hehe but you're definitely right and I can try my best to not kill anybody! :o oh yeah, let me know if you do haha, I never had her number- kinda regret it now tbh!!
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