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  • Yeah I can probably help you with that when I'm free. Alternatively there's a good tutorial by JPAN on multichoice's I think.
    I don't think I've ever seen someone put together overworld tilesets (and other graphics) as well as you do.
    Ah well that is true(even though I have never had this) well good luck on your hack and It is added to my list on what to watch out for :)
    Oh haha sorry mate! If you were I was going to tell you that your progress went so up high! Well at least you still hack some people leave and never come back which is just meh...
    Are you by any chance the person who had there signature as "My hack, But I willl never finish it of course" ? XD
    Re: Twisted Mind: "Boxite Cave" - is this meant as a pun on bauxite, or have you simply misspelled it? (Obviously, a pun is fine - but it's best to pun intentionally.)
    Yeah Dropbox is fine just send me the ips via msg and also I recommend keeping backups on GitHub.com. After any change evolution like palette changes or new maps or whatever I always send a copy to my github so I can always backtrack. I have like 600mbs of backups already lol.
    Hey I understand, I do almost everything myself also. But I wouldn't have great music being added, sprites created, and ideas formed if not for the team that I personally chose. Don't have to do everything alone, and sometimes people like to help out. I don't offer my help to just anyone but your hack is interesting and just trying to lend a hand
    Feel free to use the user bars. Made them for you. Also if you need help with scripting, I am pretty good with it. Here are some examples:

    Oh yeah, I can't wait for college! School is finally almost out over here, and I'm so glad for that! Cool, what kind of graphics do you do? :)
    Sorry. I didn't see, me eyes no good. Anyways, thank you! x3 Good luck on your hack!
    Hey man. If your hack gets into the Progressing hack section, I would like a little credit for inserting your titlescreen x3
    Thanks! :) Feel free to ask help from me such as: Title screen inserting, tile inserting or music inserting. Not much to music inserting, hope you have a successful hack! ^^
    Hahaha! Nuzlocke challenge here on light Platinum with my little cousin!

    Hahaha, make sure to give me updates with your hack :) looking forward to it!

    Yeah! Same here! I've been gone for like 2-3 years, and then when i came back,had no one familiar to talk to!
    T__T everyone was gone and waw replaced by bunch of new comers hahaha!
    Wow! That's really so nice to hear! Actually me too! I was thinking of a hobby, and hacking was the first thing to come up in my mind. I don't know, still not decided. Maybe not, I guess? Dont want to spend too much time catching up xD So Instead, I started playing some hacks on my phone with my cousin, with the nuzlocke challange.--Have you tried it before?

    So, are you, by any chance, restarting colossal? :)
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