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  • That's a lot going on, doesn't sound good at all :(. U were a real contender for the title, I mean seriously, unfortunate that this happened.

    I hope ur dad's okay now.

    Take care there :)
    Can u plz listen to instructions carefully, just once -_-? And u need to have a long enough reason, if u want to have any chance of winning. So read the instructions in my latest PM "CAREFULLY" & make the corrections & whatever else is required. I can't wait for too long though, so u might lose out the opportunity if u don't do that soon. Get going now!

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Jelly Boy where r u? C'mon, u need to send me ur answer soon, almost everyone else has & there's also a second part of the Challenge, which I can send u only if u complete the first part. U want to be a Finalist don't u, so quick quick quick.

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Yo Jelly Boy, there are 32 Questions for u to answer, which have been put up on This Post.

    And u CANNOT copy Ghost's Answers, come up with ur own. U r really good at asking questions, now let's see u answer some :P.

    Your time starts NOW. Go, go, go {XD}
    the new survivor pc challenge is up, let's get fabulous flares back in the lead :]
    Okay, the second challenge is up! We gotta be quick, so answer as fast as you can.
    Hey there, the first question on the PC Survivor thread is up, you better get there quick X3
    Ah dandy. I hate getting them through email but any other site i use sends them regardless of if i tirned that off :'D
    Case closed lets get some red lobster or something to celebrate
    I have an iphone and i really just use that, and I have tons of tabs open constantly on both normal and private browser but Im not allowed to anymore cause mom says its stupid. My internet's pretty fast, so I can get stuff done whenever I need real quick usually unless it suddenly craps out on me for a bit. Id suggest leaving only one or two max tabs open at a time but I dont know how your computer works so I cant really say that with full confidence itll be faster.
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