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  • Hello. I'm Piplup-fan, member of the spanish Poké-hacking community Whack a Hack. Some days ago, I saw your Mystery Dungeon scripts investigation and tried to figure out whatever I could. I actually managed to understand one or two commands that I think you (based on your tool) don't know.
    I'd love to talk with you about it, and if you want, please teach me about MD scripting because I have the time and will to continue your investigation.
    Given by your team name suggestion I'm guessing you main Pikachu, is that right? :P
    Well then...

    IMO if "action walk" or "action turn" was presented to me, I would assume that it was the same command. Just a little linguistics thing :P
    but it does the same function...

    e.g. "action walk 0x00xx 0x00xx 0x00xx" or something like that. If they're gonna learn about the hex, then let them learn about the hex. just my thoughts
    Ooh ooh ooh! Can I be the one who releases it? Can I? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE *pout*

    And which version are you using? The .txt or the .xls?

    hey what should I call you by? Just wanna know.

    Also I AM GOING TO MAKE A TUTORIAL ON PMD SCRIPTING. is that okay with you
    really? thx so much! i'll pm you what needs to be done k thx ^_^ do you think it would be possible to join my hacking team to make this?
    ya thats way to confusing for me.... i'll just find a scripter that is willing to join my team to do all the scripts (i can easly do every thing eles its just a pain for me to script... some ppl got it others dont
    im ya.... this is confusing.... can you help me a bit more with this script your trying to help me with? here is what you wrote

    1.Hide the player sprite if the boat is all one tile,
    2.then just set it to walk left, (or right), until it goes offscreen (A "Person" event)
    3.Warp the player to the desired map
    4.Have a level script do the "come in" scene (Player arriving) (Optional) Hide Player again (I don't know if it stays hidden. I suppose it depends on your method.)
    5.show the player sprite, and have him walk out.

    im just way to confused on how to do this
    Hi pal, I know you dont know me but I am wandering if you can help me?

    Have you ever played the hack, Pokemon Sienna? When I try to save it, I get an error saying Please exchange backup memory. Can you help?

    If not, could you point the finger to someone who might be able to help me?
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