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  • I ended up getting DK64 before Banjo Kazooie, so I overall just feel like DK64 is a more complete game. Granted that came out after BK so it will expand on the general principles of it: more collecting, more/bigger levels, etc. I also think the characters are so much better - can't get enough of Lanky Kong :P
    Hahaha no one told me off for using sigs without crediting, but I really felt a bit bad, mostly because I don't have the amount of talent to draw things like this and those who do at least deserve to have their name attached to their art ^-^. I'm keeping the sig as is. It looks weird, but I care more about it being "accurate" than it looking nice. Thank you again!
    Thank you! I was feeling bad because I was using an image without being able to give them the credit they deserve ^-^.
    I'll stick with both Rose and Payton. I imagine that your char now has something out for Zachry since they keep meeting over and over like this. It'll be fun to work out a rivalry here.
    That could be fine. I noticed that Payton watched him fight and stuff. Perhaps we could also coordinate a meet up with Rose (Axel's char.) so that they can have an interaction together. I can arrange this easily as I have her on Skype. Tell me what you think.
    Hey, Fen here, from Trumpets. Were you looking to post soon? Just as an idea, maybe you wanna encounter Zachry and ROse on Route 102, perhaps a battle if you wish?
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