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  • Thanks, found it. Was looking at it before but apparently I just need to get the link from somebody else in order for my brain to work and find it (?????). Thanks anyways!
    Hey, about that link.. you know some things about it? I tried finding the Pokeball catch rate but I can't seem to find it.
    Hi there,
    Just wanted to know if you are still planing to work for the battle engine upgrade [FR]
    yeah, thanks to God I can now edit a battle script. Anyway I'll wait for the code ... you're such a big help on my hack... thank you
    Sorry for the lack of details.

    Majestic Force doesn't deal any damages, it just boost Sp. Attack. But, if you have a code for damaging move that changes the mon's form, I'm interested.

    Forturein has two forms, the Normal Forturein and Fortune Forme. Upon using the move, it's either Forturein transforms or not. Creating a new slot for Fortune Forme is the most practical way so changing stats is by changing Normal Forturein to Fortune Forme. Again, IF you know a code for "the user changes its form upon using the move" and/or "the user changes into one of its form by using specific move", I'm interested. But not really necessary.

    And sorry for many questions, and you're one of those people who know much about battle scripting and stuffs.
    The move is Majestic Force which raises the user's Sp. Attack. By using this, Forturein will either transform into its Fortune form or nothing will change.
    hello. Is it possible to edit your Relic Song hack so I can add a Pokémon that whenever it uses a move, it changes its form?
    So so sorry about being so darn late in replying. For this I just used the fix GoGoJTech posted here. By nop, of course, she means replacing the 8 bytes with 0x00. Best of luck with your project!
    oh wow you're behind clover? i've heard of it but never really investigated into it much. heard that it's supposed to be pretty chill, though~
    I believe the shiny particle fix is outlined in my adding custom particles thread. There are probably other bugs from 1.4 but if there haven't been any that you've noticed then great!
    1.4 or 1.4a was quite buggy. The egg palette is probably something unrelated but there are other bugs to worry about. Try updating.
    Yes. They all check the 'Affect By Protect' bit in the Move Table.
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