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  • Many if we expected to play your hack in Spanish, but I understand! And of course, if you have something to translate later, count on me, I was thinking about the demo because I am still a novice and it would be the first time I do it, but I have more experienced people guiding me.

    Still count on me for next time!
    Hi Nex, I'm from Whack to Hack! I wanted to ask you if you would give me permission to translate your hack, Pokémon Distortion Black into Spanish, and whether to show me where I can get the latest version that has come out. I am very interested in translating your hack and it would be my first contribution to my community.
    man, in the past there was like a fuckton of room for empathy in both sides of the situation, im sure my husband would have an endless account of improvements for me to do

    but at this point it's just crossing that line, where you're not even trying to run a community anymore, and i think even SZ is doing better than this
    I've been around... if you've got instagram PM me and I'll send you my username so we could keep in touch bro
    not sure if tired of the game itself. the process is tiring. Creating a pokémon game is fun until the second gym, then it gets repetitive. It reaches a point where you have no idea of what trainers will say when they battle you.
    I understand now why shorts are comfy and easy to wear
    I just want to finish the story and give people what they want
    I need to get rid of this burden
    but I don't want it to be shitty
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