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  • Tyvm =D

    I had the idea to have the eeveelutions wear Falinks' armor quite some time ago, but never had the time to do it =\
    I'm on 2 weeks vacation atm so I finally went and did it :fufu:
    Color-wise shiny Vaporeon would be the best match with the Dream Ball =3

    I originally thought shiny Vaporeon was a bit middle of the road, but when I saw it on my own screen I just stared at it and went 'this actually looks really nice!' =D
    Do you already know what you're going to evolve little eevee into or will you be leaving it an eevee for now? =3
    If you have Sword or Shield you could still nickname the Eevee yourself too.
    In SwSh you can nickname even traded Pokemon, but only once.
    They don't have nicknames.
    It's too late to nicknames the Grumpig and Medicham as they came from the USUM Wormholes and transferring to Home is 1 way.

    I could potentially nickname the Eevee still, but I'd need to send it back to Shield to rename it and then back to BDSP.
    Alright Thursday it is =3

    Let's see, how about 4:30 pm your time? nvm just saw your edit, 4 pm your time it is.
    I still got 30 minutes to do a trade atm if you're available, otherwise Thursday it is =3

    CST seems to be a 7 hour time difference, so 4 pm CST is 11 pm my time which works fine for me Thursday.
    I've still got a couple hours left tonight.
    Weekdays might be tricky, but I got short workdays on Thursday lately so if we don't get to a chance today that will probably the next best window.

    I was sitting around waiting for a package that was supposed to be delivered around the time of your last two messages, but the package never showed and is now scheduled for tomorrow lol
    The maintenance was over in the morning for me.
    Grumpig & Eevee are sitting in BDSP waiting for us to be online at the same time and we can both trade basically =P
    I also put a Medicham alongside them in case you want one of those too =3
    well dang I was about to put them from Home into BDSP, but apparently Home is undergoing Maintenance so I stayed up for nothing D=
    Seems we'll have to reschedule.

    Edit; next morning: They're sitting ready in BDSP now.
    What would be a good day/time to trade for you?
    For example would you be free to do a trade this Sunday?
    Hey beautiful, happy day to you too! I think we've all been a bit busy lately, no worries though from me. I'm just happy that a certainly lovely little luvdisc delivered your mail, and that it brought a smile to your face. I am thinking of you too! How is your family both home and abroad, and most importantly how are you? Making any strides as you tackle that education and follow your dream career path in life? I believe in you! The sky is the limits!

    As for me, I'm ay okay! Having you here definitely lifts my sprits up. I am sending you every good, happy and lucky vibe! Also let me know if there's anything I can ever do to help out also on the forum. Since it seems Duck isn't there with you in Pgen right now and Colours has left staff I am happy to visit the section if you or Deva need an extra pair of hands. You take good care, and will see you at the Clubhouse girl! <3
    Do you want the Eevee in BDSP as well? It currently knows 4 egg moves in Sword/Shield: Detect, Curse, Wish, Yawn. If I send it to BDSP the egg moves will get overwritten.
    Doing both in BDSP would save the hassle of switching between games, but Eevee will lose it's egg moves. Though that might not be important to you =3

    I'm not sure what our time difference is exactly, but between here and New York is a 6 hour time difference, so I'd assume Canada will be a similar minimum time difference.
    The Netherlands is on GMT+1 atm.
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