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  • Korrina's been a happy crush for me. I mean, it hasn't been happy 100% of the time, i've worried about some stuff i think people worry about with same sex crushes in general, but usually she seems to really improve my daily moods :) I like kissing all my many drawings of made of her, too X3; I have this small sketch pad filled with them.
    I've read some of inuyasha's manga in the past. It has beautiful art and romance in it though i don't really care for the personalities of the characters much xD

    Inuyasha and Seshormaru were hotties though ;3 Korrina honestly has reminded me of them time to time due to her super long hair xD

    I actually mostly just liked boys till I got into Korrina. So she really stands out as a 'female crush' to me xD; Its interesting...
    Your post in the hair thread made me feel happy :)

    We should be friends.

    I bet you also like korrina a lot since she has hair like yours^^ I mean, i usually like characters that look kinda like me xD
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