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  • You're the sweet one! Thank you so much for thinking of me, I'm really glad to be back in touch with a friend.

    Things have been busy with me too, same old same ole, but I didn't have to work on labor day. I'm sorry you didn't get a break. You are tough, I'd be exhausted. But your hard work effort is going to be rewarded and appreciated! I'll leave this as profile to hopefully make you smile. <3

    You are the queen of pink. Every right to be proud!

    Oh my gosh! Hi Noa! Your message on my profile made my day. I'm long overdue to write to you. I hope things are well. I would love to hear how you are doing right now, and hope you're getting ready for a good weekend!

    Sending you hearts <3 !


    I must say your profile's looking pretty in pink!
    I figured it was a move based answer! Haha thanks for revealing it though I was actually about to message you for it too :p
    Hi Noa!

    How's it goin? *Hugs* Thanks so much for dropping me a line. Are you enjoying your weekend? Its beginning to look like Spring in my part of the world. Its gorgeous outside today! ^_^
    more like once in a year lol...I'm good too : )

    You gotta wait for 4-5 months for spring. I like winter since I'm skinny and all those clothes help me look a little buff xd
    Never really played Pokemon crystal but played a crystal hack. I'm thinking of watching The office but not so sure lul Are you watching any show, sitcom?
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