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  • Thank you. Christmas was amazing for me. And I wish you the best in the upcoming new year.
    Merry Christmas! This one might come off as random, since I don't think we've really spoken. However you are on my friends list, so I hope you enjoyed the holiday!
    Hi there! How are you friend?

    Tragically I looked through my bag and don't have a deep sea scale on my ultra sun copy. But I am starting a new game, if/when I come across one it will be all yours! Promise.

    I hope you are having a nice weekend!
    I know you will! I can see that are a loving trainer.

    Gosh, I forgot how cute Squirtle was! I am very happy to bring these two new Pokemon into my home. I think I have everything I need. I had a wonderful trade with you. If you need anything let me know, I would be happy to trade again <3
    Okay, I will grab a boy for you a name it Percy! I'll be here a little while longer tonight, will catch you tomorrow if I miss you though. <3
    Sorry for the interruption, I got sick this weekend but am feeling better now and am ready to work with you whenever if you are still game. These are adamant dratini, I can still name them if you would like.

    So Shellshocker and Hercules for Celeste and a new dratini. Is that a deal?

    Catch you soon!
    No problem at all!

    I had a super stressful last few days too. Sorry I seem to have got your recent message about trading a little late, but look forward to making a deal soon. I am free on Saturday, but if you need more time that is fine :D

    I'd like to trade the togepi for hercules the heracross if that is okay with you.

    Some other ha pokemon I have to trade if you are trying to fill out the dex are contrary snivy, protean froakie, speed boost torchic, chlorophyll bulbasaur, sheer force bagon, rattled magikarp, lightning rod pichu, marvel scale dratini (with extreme speed) and rough skin gible. Yes, I like the dragon and monster egg group :)
    Hi there hun! Hope you are getting ready for. good weekend. Did you change your mind about Celeste? I still have her if you want to adopt her ^_^
    Hi there NocturnalNinetales!

    Thank you for your patience! I got a moment to play pokemon tonight and my Togekiss Zeus laid some eggs. The first girl of the litter I put aside and named Celeste. She's modest 3iv and will come with serene grace.

    I would not mind that Shellshocker squirtle. I just have to admit that you come up with some of the best nicknames!!

    I had one question for you though. You mentioned that you had a pokemon named Hercules. What pokemon is it? I have a hunch it is a Heracross, but you didn't say so I got curious.

    I have some rarer pokemon if you ever want up the stakes, trade psuelegendaries, more hidden ability mons, shinies etc.

    Take care my friend, Celeste is waiting for her new trainer!

    You're so sweet! Give me a couple of days to breed you a Togepi, and then if you have something else to give me we can share it then. I love finding new trading partners. Can't wait to see what your friend safari is.

    Is there a particular nature you want for Togepi? Bold? Modest? Calm? I can do any. I love my Dolly <3
    Sooo cute.

    Also I saw you were looking for a Togepi. Would be happy to breed you one if you are still in need.
    Sounds good. Let me grab my DS and head over to the PSS! I'll see you in 2 minutes! Look for Sam. Also what is your ign?
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