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  • Going okay and yeah Japan was great! I miss it so much. Saw people riding around on those weird karts in Osaka too lol I should've joined

    Also hiii Risa! We have each other added on FB but haven't spoken in ages ahhh
    lol I'm in Perth which is west aus! It's okay but not where I want to be long term sadly. I like Australia but more so the eastern states. I'm okay, hope you're well too omg!! sorry for slow reply we're in Japan until Monday aaaa
    Lmao yeah, a friend just showed it to me and a good ROM hack scratches the Pokemon itch since the official games don't anymore

    lol man life has been crazy, graduated after an annoying setback during the early stages of the panny,job market was non-existent so I just grabbed a regular ass job to bridge the gap until I get my foot in the door with an IT gig. Could be worse, so I'm not complaining. Unfortunately still in the bible belt south of backwoods Mississippi, but the big move will soon come. Hope you're doing well too man, I know things are wild for a lot of us right now
    ty omg!! it's been okay, we just signed the lease for a new place today :D not moving till 5 september but still exciting!! Wooloo is the best though I don't really wanna evolve mine tbh
    Not upset because swsh has made me unfazed. I can now handle it. :)) Also I used Mareep so many times so it's okay if I can't again, maybe forcing me to try something new is for the best fufu ~

    Thank you btw! n yes I am in Australia now!! hope you are doing ok too :D
    (sorry was out on road trip)

    and good to hear, I'ce been ok too!! & lmao goats are good too ;-; <3 i'm a shoat
    Yes I'm still here and kicking!! aaa nice to see you again \o/ hope you've been ok as well it's been ages!!!
    Lizzo slander is not allowed, also I'll take a look at all those recs. Listened to Paak and I'll probably give it more run during the summer, but I wasn't feeling it that much during the first listen. Haven't heard Snoh yet but I'll give it a spin.

    Check out Anger Management by Rico Nasty and Crash Talk by Q if you haven't already. Homecoming by Beyonce is optional, mainly because it's just a live album of her Coachella set from a year ago
    Old man Eduardo with the sage advice

    Music is boring for me rn..nothing I've heard really jumps out to me and I've been listening to old shit since like December. If you haven't already check out Janelle Monae and Little Simz latest albums though
    You're joking but I'm turning 24 in a little over a month and I'm starting to question my own mortality
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