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  • I see. What is that state like? And good luck to the both of you with it.

    How do you distinguish between primary/high school and uni then? Curious that school applies to all three, when the first two is for one's necessary education, and the other pay for a degree, or get paid for research/doing a higher degree like in my case.

    I wish it is as easy as that; have had a few interviews but no luck so far. I'll just have to keep trying though.
    Ah, cool! How is Geoff doing? And where is here?

    We call it uni here, not school. =p Plus I have been paid for it (although money runs out soon... so I am keen to finish!). Plans after is to either get a job in academia (research) or if not then try for some computational work in e.g. data science. Easier said than done though.
    Big changes such as? :B

    Busy as heck. Last couple months (ideally) of the PhD, and this week moved back to the parents' place as well. All over the place.
    I've been working on...everything. Still writing, still reading, still have my other interests like video games. (I've gotten into some podcasts as well, and am working through those backlogs.) Mainly, I've been doing things that my anxiety used to hold me back from. I finally made the phone call to set up an appointment to get my driver's license! I used to get so anxious when the thought came up of making that phone call, but this year, I decided to just go for it.

    That really is a good choice for the both of you! Geoff would keep me updated on how things were going for you, so I know how close the two of you are. You'll be much happier, especially since you two can rely on one another. So happy for the two of you!
    Fantastic. My life has been on an upswing recently, due to hard work on my part. I want to accomplish a lot, and need to stay focused on that.

    How's life for you? It's been forever since I've heard anything about you.


    It's still on. Just no one wanting to talk to me. :(
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