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Nurse Joy
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  • Sorry for the late reply, I've had no internet up till now. :(

    Yup they were ! But I think they had that sudden change of heart because of WTW and people just giving free clones/hacks on the GTS... Aye ! I'm glad there's still the deposit option. xD Yeah, that too !

    Nope ! It was just a weird trade with a random guy (since you can't trade with yourself in WT xD) whom happened to trade the same 'mon I was sending to him ! Quite funny. Also got one of my breedjects (a female Love ball Ralts) back when I was WTing the other day, was a little shocked but hey, I knew this would happen one day ! Yeah, I haven't gotten many good 'mon (including breedjects ofc) either these days. :( Ohhh... must have been fun ! I never had the chance to do that. :( Ah yeah, the oder things get the more valuable they are... that's insane. xD

    Yeah hopefully ! Even if I were unable to get Gen 7 or Z, I'll still be happy to know they improved this or that. c: Yeah, me too ! 3k 'mon might be a little problematic to complete your Pokedex though, I know I struggled to complete the 719 one so...yeah xD Mhm... true ! Well, I do hope it truns out to be true ! Aye, I've heard of it ! Also seen the sketches of that weird ghost-like 'mon, I'm curious to know what they are !

    Ah... xD well, so long as you have enough space left, that's all good, right? c: Yeah... but at least you were already into organizing your boxes, while I would just throw my 'mon into random boxes. xD
    Yeah, I used to but then I gave it away because I really wasn't using it anymore so there's that haha. Yes, I do read. Fanfics keep me alive and breathing XD Yeah we only have one TV as well and when my cousin isn't using it, it's mom with her church thingies :P

    Ugh you basically just described my life except I don't have a scholarship lol. What you planning on studying in college anyway?
    So you're no longer dating the guy you told me about then? YES IKR, DAMNED SPAWNS OF SATAN. Fantasy/sci-fi stuff!
    Haha I know right ! I was so pissed off to see those around while I was just trying to complete my pokedex !! But I came to understand that I had to deposit a good pokemon to receive something, instead of searching.

    I'm glad it's not worse. xD Yeah, it syncs your WTs, at least it does so for ORAS, since X/Y lacks this feature. Haha yeah ! I have an AS cart and that's what happened : http://www.pokecommunity.com/picture.php?albumid=9604&pictureid=78369 Ugh, must've been terrible and quite the hassle... I'm glad I only played D/P/P with online features (besides PBR)Haha you bet it is !

    Yeah... A LOT of things... *stares at the Nidoran line* I hope the GTS will be improved in Gen 7, or Pokemon Z (if it ever gets made !). I'm glad I ain't the only one ! xD I do the exact same thing ! I sort mine differently but it's close to the way you do it haha. Hell yeah, it's as though they were given a second chance !
    That might explain why I feel so lost without my computer lol. I don't have many things to do aside of it since my little cousin basically hogs the TV thanks to the fact that she's a kid so I can't really play games ;-;

    Are you still living with your parents? Or did you make one step towards adulthood by living alone? :p
    A few little things happened, dated, broke up, started writing again AND GETTING ANNOYED DAILY AT MY COUSIN OMG KIDS ARE SO HARD.
    So I assume you've got a new one now? Also you need to tell me how you've managed life without a computer, show me your ways!
    I've been doing decent, what about you? Nothing new?
    I'm glad you will ! Heck yeah, most people in WT are just kids/ shiny-hungry people or legendary-hungry ones. u_u

    Haha I see x)

    Hmmm, yeah I guess so o: I don't really pay attention to it anymore since I got used to it, I guess ! Yeah that's true, could be due to that ! Is it? I have never traded (other than in Platinum but that was through the GTS) in any of the previous games, so I wouldn't know. D:

    Holy fish, that's insane ! I guess GF didn't think this through. xD

    Whoa, I used to have duplicates too, I've already cleaned them away though xD I hate it when things are messy ! Ah I see, it makes sense ! But as you mentioned, access to HA is what makes the charm !
    I saw a message that got deleted down there !

    Yeah, it never completes it before :( probably because saving the game in the meanwhile takes time, haha.

    Ah don't worry, I'm not adding people for FS anymore, I stopped doing so a long time ago actually. I only delete people to add new ones with whom I must trade. (and that's not a terrible FS imo c: )
    It will certainly help ! Thanks ! (and I hope you enjoy your Naga :)
    Nope, I just happen to have bad internet, though it wasn't like that before.
    The lil' cutie is a male ! So Naga it is. c:

    Alright, time to trade ! And yeah haha, there's a good amount of FC I can't delete because I'm keeping them for my Friend Safari uwu
    Alright ! I'm going to add you (I hate this 100 FCs limit, ugh !) and will initiate the trade as asked !

    Hehe, no problem ! The pleasure is mine.. I mean... ours !
    It seems that I am available at the moment and my 3DS is fully charged as well ! So, if you're up for it, we may trade now. :)

    Aww, no problem. I'm just glad to help people out even if I don't get anything in return ! I do hope they'll like it !
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