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  • Hey dude, you haven't been around PC in a while and you haven't posted in PTA even longer. I can't hold your spot forever, but if you can get back to me before next time I check for inactivity I'd like to know if you're still interested in RPing with us.
    Not at all, questions are good. Sorry about my slow replies and posts at the minute, I have a lot going on with work.

    We can decide it sooner if you prefer, though I haven't decided what pokemon Nika will use next yet.
    Nope, I understand what you mean. I can have Nika withdraw Joltik at the end of the Joltik/Skarmony battle if you like.
    Sounds good to me. (You posted your last message to your own wall rather mine, by the way. I've done that so many times, like, at least all of them.)
    Let's try half and half. The battle with Skarmory vs. Joltik could be played by ear, while Croagunk vs. ?? could be predetermined.
    I'm happy to give your way a try. Nika's picked Spider, her Joltik, to go up against Skarmony. Do you have a preferred outcome for either Skarmony or Tristen's development? The type match up favors Spider (slightly) but Skarmony is a higher level, so either outcome would be plausible I feel; dependant on trainer strategy.
    We can if it makes you feel more comfortable. So far I've played all my battles by ear and gone with whatever conclusion feels most natural. I don't mind either way.
    I agree, things have slowed down a bit. Either suits me, but a battle or some wild pokemon or something would help the pace out a bit. Depends on how eager you are for Tristen to catch her third pokemon.
    Just wanted to check in and make sure you're enjoying yourself so far? I'm liking the pace of our RP, but let me know if you've got any concerns/questions/ideas etc.
    I don't mind, I just wasn't sure if you wanted Tristen to do anything first. Have you got a particular way you'd like them to meet/interact?
    Sounds fine to me, take all the time you need. I just wanted to express my interest in future interactions.

    Also, Croagunk/Toxicroak. One of my favourite pokemon lines, really nice to see someone use it. Kind of regret making both of my characters type specialists now, really cuts down on my options, but it's a fun challenge.
    Hey Ocelli. Not sure if you've seen me around, but I'm another player in PTA. I was wondering if you'd be interested in having Trist interact with/or battle my character Nika Valentine? I've read Tristen's wiki page and I'm curious to see how they'd get along. Let me know!
    Hey, if I'm off for this long again you can bunny Teal if you want. I've been workin from 3-8 (school ends at 2:30 and I get back at 2:45 lol)
    Lol... I just take notes at school just to do it. I still remember when Jamestown was founded, even though I only read about it one time in the fifth grade. I think it was founded in 1607 in Virginia. I think...
    Oh gosh... Studying isn't the problem... I never study anyway! I just have to listen to the teacher, and I'll understand the lesson. I've done that for years and I'm still on the honor roll. It's the homework! I can get it done in the mornings, though. So... yeah. Eek.
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