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  • I also grew up with Sonic. I may not have every game, but I do keep tabs on them, and even when i'm not thinking about Sonic he is still in my conscience.

    Anyways, I do enjoy writing stories my favorite genre is horror. What about you? Whats your favorite genre?
    Hah, yeah...I'm sure you'll get the hang of it :D

    I had Geography on Monday. I already took Cultural and World Regional. Physical is the only one that I haven't taken yet, which I am now! I'll be sure to ask any questions should I need help as well, but by the looks of it I think this should be an easy course.

    You mean you haven't watched Season 4 yet? Thankfully there's a rule regarding spoilers in there so you don't have to worry!
    Oh xD I saw that. I should've said "YO. YOU REPLY THERE. AND THERE. NOT THERE." But you're still new. You'll get the hang of it soon.

    What are things around here that you still don't understand? Maybe I can help. And glad to see you are doing okay! Saw you joined the MLP club, that's great! Just responded to your post there.
    Howdy all of you!

    I'm just getting to know the place - have done a couple of posts here and there - but I like what I've seen so far. The tone appears to be really friendly first of all and there seems to be really cool people here :). Have been busy during the weekend assembling a new vitrine to "show off" all my little games, miscellaneous toys and 19th century books :p
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