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  • Not played those, although I did notice W3 is coming to Switch. I need to play other games in my backlog though...
    I had gone back to BotW in the last couple months in fact. Still got more exploration to do. @_@ And I didn't even get the DLC!
    Yeah, I'm bummed about it too. It put a sour note on an otherwise good direct and treehouse (BOTW 2 hype! And Luigi's Mansion 3 looks good).
    Sounds like there's a fair bit of variety, and that you're enjoying it (bar the lack of sleep this week). Rest up!

    I'm not sure yet, because my opinion will change when I see evolutions, haha. But I do like sobble atm. Grokey is the least of my favourites but it has potential with the music theme it seems to have going for it.
    Congrats on the nurse job! What's involved exactly with it?

    Direct was pretty darn good imo. Little to complain about, they nailed it. Hopefully they didn't oversell it, haha. Good to hear you'll be around as well!
    Hi there! Long time no see. Been good. Bunch is different now but it is good. =) And yourself? What brings you back? the direct?
    When do you want to battle for the sun tour? I'm available at any time on Saturday or Sunday. Can do any times that are after 5 PM GMT -4 on Monday and 2 PM on Tuesday.
    It's alright

    And yeah, Friday or Saturday works. Want to try for 4pm gmt -4 or another time?
    btw, is your username something different on Showdown than it is on here?

    just in case you weren't aware, it is for me at least, on the battle server you'll be looking for Zekrom52
    When would you like to battle for the sun tourney?

    Mon-Thurs I can't battle until after 3:30 PM GMT -4, Friday or Saturday almost any time works
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