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  • hey i am up you can find me in our server (pokecommunity server) .
    My username: blackcharizard94/samblackcharizard
    That's not a problem! Just ping me a message when you're ready and if I'm here I will let you know
    The switch itself is pretty nice. Very quick to start up and go straight into a game (even from sleep mode!), etc. Decent interface too. Gets a bit warm when playing LoZ for... hours, haha, but nothing too bad or annoying.

    As for LoZ... first night of playing, "this is a pretty fun game!" Next day of playing after getting out of the first area "wow this game is amazing".
    Launch for me. Just getting LoZ: BotW however, will wait on other games when they come out. Unsure about Bomberman but my flatmate is getting it so I can try it out in multiplayer. :B

    I'm not sure about MK8:D yet... I do have MK8 on Wii U after all, and as much as I like battle modes I don't want to pay full price for near the same game. =/
    That it is. And yeah, that previously mentioned pokedex example... speaks volumes tbh. -_-

    Fair enough there. I heard of that game but never played it, sounds neat. Was wondering where it came from when I changed it, haha.

    Got a first-author paper published last month. :B Busy working on other projects now at uni. Recently caught up with some friends too which was great, and looking forward to the Switch when that releases!
    I saw that extended version of the VM. =p I can assure you there are some trolls and etc at times but... yeah, I'm enjoying it more than sppf of late tbh.

    Why the username change btw?
    *dances back*

    Hi! Be sure to get at least some sleep. It'll give you energy for more dancing.
    Cool. I also have a bunch of games bought that I still haven't gotten around to. Newer games tend to get my attention...
    8 hours is... quite the downtime. Wonder what caused it.

    It is pretty exciting! Been enjoying it. I just may need some time to recover from it, haha.

    Bugger about being sick. D= Get well soon! What sort of illness is it? And what's in that videogame backlog?
    It just came back up, haha! But dang, PC and now sppf having long downtimes. I don't miss this. (Except when I am out most of the day and miss it anyway, haha).

    Anyways good but pretty tiring though (that said I seemed to have avoided the brunt of jetlag). Didn't even take a half day off to adjust, just went straight to sightseeing first day, then daytrip to san diego the second, and more sightseeing today. Just sitting in the hotel now, going to sleep in a bit before heading to conference venue tomorrow.

    What's up for yourself?
    you're back for real reals??? yaaaaaaaaaas

    yeah, i'll still be around. i just didn't have time for the amount of work my position needed (seriously, it was crazy - i know how you guys over at sppf feel now haha) and had to drop such a huge online commitment. i'm gonna stay on pc though and enjoy the freedom of being a regular member again. 8)
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