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  • And yes! I really should post it there, I actually forgot the link wasn't here. I might wait a few days before I post it to make sure there are no bugs
    Eh! Up and down as it goes. How's the new job, are you still happier there? My own job contract ends in a few weeks but given how hectic everything has been I'm going to give myself a few weeks off before I look for something new.
    Hello mate! I was worried about you when I saw you weren't on Discord anymore, I hope you're doing well xx
    Ampharos gets that typing due to a Japanese pun (something to do with electrical current and dragon being the same word IIRC) - I think it was also originally part dragon in the GS beta. The mega type changes all fit the base form too to some extent (except for Pinsir and Mewtwo, but Pinsir's at least based on something that can fly, so slapping wings on it makes sense). I can kind of see Dark fitting Staraptor but it'd still be a bit of a stretch IMO.
    Why Rock/Flying? It doesn't have any rock moves or rocky elements to its design, IMO that'd be more of a regional variant than a mega.
    Still no idea, it's done when it's done haha.
    There's some Sticky Web too, but that doesn't really change anything for Braviary of course. Other than that there's King's Shield and the odd Icy Wind user.
    It's got Rock Slide, maybe Body Slam (if I gave it that from the tutor, if not never mind - not sure that makes any sense on a bird) and Crush Claw. Sheer Force kinda sucks on it, Defiant is better most of the time.
    Of course! Would be weird to have a whole gen with no changes.

    Mons with a quad weakness are fine once you know what might have a move to hit them; you can always teach them protect to scout for it if needed!

    Yeah Toucannon just needed to be able to take a hit, its vanilla slow and frail combo is pretty bad. I'd recommend Dodrio for something a little different; it's squishy but hits hard and fast.
    1. I won't change Braviary's typing - there's nothing psychic about the base form and it's already pretty good. The new form may eventually end up in IE once we know more about it though.
    2. Swellow and Unfezant have already been given buffs (namely STAB Guts Extreme Speed and Tough Claws Brave Bird), and Staraptor really doesn't need any IMO.
    Hey! I'm good, hope you're well too!

    Thanks! Gen 8's coming along nicely, all that's left to do is three abilities and a handful of moves that are partly done already (though it looks like I'll need to fix some things before finishing those).

    It's a combination of smarter AI and more mons actually having grass moves in the newer games - a lot of strong mons are weak to grass, so the AI commonly packs a grass move to deal with them. It's not just for Swampert!
    Haha, maybe! Depends on what the next batch of megas ends up being!
    Thanks! IMO it's the most interesting ability I've added so far.
    Damn, you evolved it?? xD I didn't evolve it, had no idea about it turning into regular Steelix until now. Probably I must've assumed it doesn't evolve, because I kept as Crystal Onix. I don't know if this was changed in the Expansion Pass update but the one Eviolite I found was on Cinnabar Island, in the Volcano after finding TM Flamethrower.

    I am now on Discord, and I created servers for the content which I put out so feel free to choose the servers that interest you and perhaps we'll hang out over there :) you can share the invite links with others who might be interested:

    - Walkthroughs https://discord.gg/ajk2ffSttM
    - Comic Book Chronicles https://discord.gg/WSc9EZPDuX
    - House of Sounds https://discord.gg/mRDSPy6shp
    - Counting Electric Sheep https://discord.gg/kQgfvYaJWF
    - Specials https://discord.gg/7jJr8U3Fpe
    Hey, thanks! Good to hear you like the changes. I think 1.2 has fixed most of the big problems, but there are still some move animations that freeze the game, so you might want to turn animations off.
    I think walrein's definitely a water type sorry!
    Thanks again!

    Hopefully I won't have any major bugs, worst one so far was the Air Balloon freeze and that was due to a silly mistake.
    Nah it's a Black 2/White 2 hack - best way to play it on mobile is using drastic. Not sure how you'd patch it though.

    I haven't played Adventure Red either, might be time to take a short break from making hacks to play a few!
    No worries, I wasn't offended xD I appreciate that you speak your mind so feel free to do so. Designs are what kept me from going for games which were heavy on Fakemon, I saw some bad designs in some of the hacks I played in the past and that put me off until I played Clover. Clever designs but also designs that were nice nods to some pop culture. I like that Voyager has a wiki for those monsters, so I'll be sure to dive into that first.

    The variants in Adventures were cool, especially Ice Snorlax and Crystal Onix. I didn't know Orangean Growlithe/Arcanine were on deviantart haha, that is interesting. Design wise I thought it was just a clever type switch for Growlithe/Arcanine and nothing more.
    I noticed that Voyager has its own Pokémon as well, how do those compare with the Adventure Red exclusives? After playing Pokémon Clover last year I've grown to appreciate Fakemon, so I aim to cover more games which are Fakemon-centric in my walkthroughs.
    Blaze Black/Volt White 2 are still my favourite hacks! I haven't had a chance to play things like Unbound or Sors yet though so maybe that'll change once I do. What are your favourites?
    I could work with essentials, but I wouldn't choose it over ROM hacking. It's got some performance issues, and I like being able to play my mods on a 3DS too. It looks like PDSK is similar, but newer than essentials; I don't really keep up with essentials news though so no idea how they compare!
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