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  • I just read your post and I don't wanna derail the thread, but like I want you to know that I'm currently writing a persuasive essay about why Grass / Dark types are trash (specifically Shiftry - I just hate that thing) both competitively and in terms of design. I cannot put a finer bullet point on how much I agree with you and what a missed opportunity that typing has historically been, lmfao.

    I do not know why I care so much but I do and you are not alone my friend, haha.
    Yes. Life matters and losing interest in Pokemon mid 2021 pulled me away from this site sometime. But now I plan to try and stick around for longer :) How are you?
    oof you hate those kinds of folks. but yeah no it's just i always remember you around and how you just nonchalantly have like 11k posts on here lol. hoping for better situations in the future.

    also i guess we're on similar time zones so happy new year in 1 and a half hour!
    cool to see you back dude. i recall noticing sometime ago that your account got banned. that was odd to see.
    hi o/

    i'll be honest: i was already a bit on edge and felt kinda bad, as you could tell with the strongly worded post. it really seems like these days, with how divided the internet pokemon fanbase are over recent generations in particular, there's no shortage of negativity around. :s so i guess i saw it from my perspective as a reason to bring about more negativity on another generation, of which i'm kind of tired of seeing already.... that's my fault, though. each generation does have its faults and can legitimately be criticised, but it's tiring to see negativity these days, is all. ^^;
    Hope you and your family are safe! I love the pun in your avatar! How are you spending time these days? Are you under lockdown?
    Your wish was already granted

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