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  • Omg, this is great. :'D I'll admit, the old-style rap songs were corny but hilarious and pretty decent. The new stuff from nowadays has nothing on the old stuff. =P
    Yeah I found that out when the song came out. I'm half Asian so I was really happy they did a video like that. Love there style of music as well. Most of there songs remind me stuff in a book I like to write or video game thing. I'm getting more into them again. I never stop liking them just was trying new things for a bit.

    Yeah my name is common in the USA that I know off. I like it but not too much since a lot of girls have it. I was going be named something else but my mother changed it last minute.
    Oh, alright my bad. Yes you can call me that. I know Jessica is a common name. I like all of them but From Yesterday and Up in the Air are two I like. I'm alright for the most part tonight.
    "Dude, 007, being ignored and unseen are two very different things."

    Hi. Yes, that's true, although I don't see much of a difference in a social setting. Being seen but completely brushed off as not relevant has the same outcome of being very quiet, sitting in the shadows and not getting seen, either way it leads to feeling invisible, one is literally being unnoticed and the other is mental, not being important enough to have your existence registered. I've experienced both.

    Lol, nice post in the stalker thread, people can be so oblivious sometimes, I hope I'd notice quickly if you were following me, I'd like to think i'm a fairly switched on individual :P
    Just like I do with Linkin Park.
    It's also the only album I listened from them.
    I never knew you liked Breaking Benjamin. Dear Agony is such a great album!
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