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  • I know that. I was talking about other people. Some of them don't know how to patch and I just wanted to know my patch worked. That's all.
    Hey Pankaj i'm willing to help , if ya need any help on scripting, mapping , tile insertion and stuff, i'm in.
    I am not a pro(yet), but i can get the job done! I'll be glad if you could add me to the team! Me too from India.
    Are you using the extended flag script found here:
    Which ROM are you using? Firered has the most support available so it is easiest for hacking.
    If you do NOT wish to extend the flags, you could also add one of the flags you already set to the person ID.
    For instance, since he is giving you the Pokemon, and I see that you are already setting flag 0x828, you could make the person ID $0828 for the professor.
    Let me know what happens, and thanks for getting in touch!

    EDIT: LOL, I just saw your most recent activity pointing to the thread I posted. A note: JPANS patch is at the last page, so download that and patch it.
    Hi Pankaj!
    Mai Harshit...
    Maine tera post dekha mere thread par.

    Shayad jaldi mai use pura kar dun.

    Main abhi apne hack par kaam kar raha hun.
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