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  • In the archive space, would there only be swords and armors or would there also be things like bows and poles, spears and other such things? Obviously swords and armor are the main choices for the iron knight so they'd be the first thing they'd see and would wonder about having, but if its supposed to be this catalog of all these great weapons then I don't think it would be limited to just those two categories? It's fine if it is though haha. Just trying to think up more creative ways to use my abilities and the future of my character as a whole.
    Alright, and then do monsters need to be inherently Tactics creatures? I've narrowed my mind down to something from one of four species; Malboro, Behemoth, Iron Giant, or Adamantoise. Or I could just cut out some of the work and take down an 'evil' clan.
    So I was planning to take out a small-ish guild for a hunt. Probably 4-5 people not including myself in the party. Wanted to do something a little tougher for them so as to warrant the stepping in of Labanar. What do you suppose I should use as a first fight?
    lmaoo yeah I'm going to use something else, especially since I don't even know where I was going with what I had written for my RP sample already

    I just have to add the thing(s) I was going to use. not RP posts, since I haven't made one in
    a while (I made one last year maybe?? lmfao), but I have something I can use. I'll add it today
    haha no problem, it's my fault for slacking off in between being busy lol. I should be able to finish it tomorrow night and have it up the next morning, though if I can't figure out how to finish it I can just grab a separate piece of writing.
    Yeah, I think I can get one up pretty quickly. I might need spells to be checked and everything, but I think I can get it done.
    hey just a quick question. there was nothing really about magical abilities with the iron knights, but would their abilities be able to fall into something like elemental sword skills or dragoon abilities? and if not, would samurai be able to do elemental slashes due to their chi manipulation? im struggling to find more active abilities haha
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