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  • Hi! :3 I clicked your profile cuz I find your name cute. The avatar/profile picture reminds me of Torchic. I'm guessing you're fond of birds^^ Wanna be friends? :)
    Hi, so I saw you were making a persona rp. Any idea when you think you'll get it done, and do you need any help with it? Sorry if I sound rude, but i'm just so excited :D
    Haha, okay thanks! I promise I won't make him too scummy lol. It was moreso the fact that his father is a higher-up in the church that I wanted to have the thumbs-up for (as I don't want anyhting to be lore-breaking) ^^

    I will have a SU progress up tonight possibly and have it done by the weekend hopefully!
    Hey Pastel! I just wanted to ask a quick question before I started making my character for your RP: I wanted to make like a sort of rich guy character, who's father is a higher-up within The Bygone Church. Personality-wise, he's obnoxious, selfish, materialistic and quite frankly puts his research above most things (as he has a kind of thirst for knowledge and whatnot about artifacts).

    I kin of wanted him to have an arrogant personality, because this way, I leave improvements for his overall character such as attitude, and his overall likeness by other characters. Do you think it is fine for me to do that?
    Hey I just posted the bulk of my sign-up for your RP, if you want to check it out and tell me if everything sounds good(particularly the spells) I'll finish it up soon!
    Hey, i'm very sorry for being unactive (dealing with some personal matters) but you can finish the mission solo. I'll just write that my character got back and the Hoppip's were no longer in need of help. Again very sorry, perhaps there'll still be plenty of JP opportunities in the future without complications ^^
    Yeah it's a bit of a shame no one seems eager to post.. I was thinking we did two seperate posts where we both help out the Hoppips to fill the topic abit, but i'm fine with a JP too! Whatever works best for you.
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