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Patatas Fritas
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  • Yeah, look, I pretty much started my journalistic career in Argentina where everything was an ongoing, never-ending disaster, and then Brexit happened and, as I did know a thing or three about the UK, I jumped to a new world of disasters and I haven't been bored ever since. And my passion for "economic disasters" is what brought me into crypto- as a curious observer. Morbo, is the Spanish word. But I can't complain, I got two raises this year, so I must be doing something right.

    Are you still in Spain? How are things going at work? And, mostly, are you planning on ever posting again and ruining your beautiful 2,222 postcount?
    I'm having a lot of fun writing about the two topics - it's a bit of, looking at trainwrecks you can't look away from. But my bosses really love my dispatches about the ongoing government crisis and, frankly, I do enjoy a lot looking at dumbasses being scammed by something that's obviously a scam (am I talking about bitcoin or the Tory party? Who knows?).

    The phd is in economics, since all of this nonsense makes for a good case of economic theory. And maybe I should consider that new name...
    I am quite busy chronicling the walking disaster zone that is the Uk Government and finishing a PhD on the ongoing scam that is crypto! So, like, looking forward to when I have free time in a few months to ask myself what I want to do with my life when I'm older xD
    Gerona is like... a bad place. Well, anything outside of Tabarnia (Tarragona and Barcelona) isvery close-minded. And the fact that people will go as far as to pretend they don't understand Spanish is... stupid and sad >_>;

    Oooo I know someone who lives in Madrid and would like to say hello :O
    poor child how you've suffered all these months. Feliz año nuevo and all that too
    i'll bring the white tesco wine you love and miss so much as a barca housewarming
    Oh jeez the fun never stops there. I'm so sorry you have to deal with the regular madness that's the procés. Just hope you get to see the normal people and not the freaks running the pro/anti independence show.
    *2 years
    tell me you've escape the south and are enjoying multiple siestas rn
    Oh, Valencia. I've visited it semi-frequently, mostly en route to Castellón, where my dad lives. Hope you enjoy noise!
    I liked the vampire from Ukraine and the British woman who was so rudely interrupted. Also the Doremidos.

    Only three times? You're certainly missing out. Where do you hang out then?
    Honestly I remember that tweet and I also think about you every year when I watch Eurovision.

    Also I lowkey hope I'm one of those you've seen at some point.
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