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Patatas Fritas
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  • I think what made it so hard was when you would get nervous and stuff...wouldn't you agree??? but in DPPt the master rank is SUPER hard...especially the dress up part....right?
    never have!!! I wish I did though...the closest I got was to the master rank...lol...which contests do you prefer the one in RSE or DPPt?
    lol...okay then I see what you mean..for the anime I say may, I have loved her ever since she entered all those contest...and beautifly...omg!!! for the game, I say jasmine too...she was a great addition intp the game...

    hav eyou ever won a mster rank in the game?
    are you kidding me I LOVE POKEMON CONTESTS!!! lol...I wish it could be more like the anime and go wifi!!! lol...I didn't know you were a fan of it...r u?
    cool!!! and thanks...I think I'll give it about a month or so and then I'll let people update their partners to something different...I jsut want it all to settle a bit...u understand me?
    I actually had it as a member of the group once, except I had removed a lot of pokemon from the list just to get it approved by the mods...do you think we should leave that idea for a later topic perhaps?
    no way, I would never do that on purpose...I wouldn't want ppl doing it for me, so I wouldn't do it to them...but while we are in a converstation...what do you think of the Toddler Playground group?
    srry again for the letter misplacement on your name at the hideout, didn't mean to do that...hope you can forgive me...:)
    Hey I made a new RolePlay called Pokemon Journey: Sinnoh Region and I think you'll like it so check it out if ya want to!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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