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    that quote is amazing, thank you
    Nah it's worse than that, they basically won't let you be yourself. If you've had any past priors they will never let it go, someone can be spamming and abusive towards you but the minute you say anything back you're the one who gets punished. Staff are biased on who they'll punish and HS care very little.
    Oh yeah, they basically blacklisted anything that isn't battling now, apparently a semi active chatbox full of veterans isn't as good as a bunch of retards spamming in other languages battling.
    You know it mate, still got like 4 weeks left on my showdown ban, when I get unbanned I am immediately going to roast how bad the server is. Mod who banned me even asked for a demote, place is whack, can't even make real mods rofl.
    M8, how did you know I was having a nice cuppa PG tips atm, bloody stalker get out my house D;
    I know that I am better at it than you're ;) Tauros isn't even in Emerald originally so your point is also invalid.
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