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  • Yo Pebbles.

    You don't probably remember me, but your signatures are absolutely fantastic fam.
    Wanna talk about what happened or?
    Thanks for the offer but it's unlikely I'll join anymore forums - barely keep up with this one as it is.
    All the best on your end too and yeah, it was a blast knowing you while it lasted.
    Nah, you just thought it was directed at you.
    Also that sounds horrible out of context. :p
    hnng I'm awful at keeping up with live chats lol.. it goes too fast for me, or i just get too distracted with other things </3
    If you're referring to the roller looking weird, then I suppose it does? I dunno, never thought of it like that, it's just a tool. If you meant the exercise looking weird then yeah it is weird but what does it matter if you're using it for rehabilitation purposes - not like anyone will be watching you right?
    i actually got a Confirm Form Resubmission Error, did it make two? lmao
    I don't really know much about K-Pop but it's worth trying :)

    I've been pretty great. A little upset that summer's about to end.
    Well, you have captured my interest - take from that what you will. I think it's the entertainment factor I get from your playful angsty attitude hahaha

    I had a similar thing but with my asthma. I had it as a kid, took medication and it went away for like 10 years. But then it returned. In this case, I undertook deadly training to repair my respiratory system.

    In your situation however, such lethal methods shall not be deemed necessary. Do you have a rumble roller?

    If not, I recommend getting one. The black / grey is the hardcore version which I have but if you think that is too extreme, get the blue. Then you can sit on it and gently rock forwards and backwards on it - the protrusions in the roller will dig into your muscles and it will hurt but it will also help you.

    In the interim you can do the following exercise where you sit on your bottom with your knees bent in front of you and your feet are planted on the floor. Then you shuffle forward using your bottom muscles.

    Let me know how you get on.
    I should have just asked if your body is OK from the chiropractor appointments then you'd have had no clue haha

    Did you injure yourself or something? Where does it hurt? I'm pretty knowledgeable about injuries and stuff so I might be able to prescribe some exercise to help alleviate the pain.
    You can get an alternate ending if you lose to Frederic.

    And tbh the final boss isn't supposed to be particularly difficult - in contrast to usual games. It would have made less sense if he suddenly became really hard to beat when he turns on you.

    I'll post a picture wearing one of my suits sometime soon and then you can be the judge ;p

    I was stalking your conversations and read that you are having chiropractor appointments - everything OK?
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