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  • I would like to assist with the reconfiguration of the fakemon entries on the Fandom page. I want to assist so you could establish the v2 update for Fakemon FireRed. Just let me know what exactly do you need help with on the site.
    hey! i just came from hoodlum callums playthrough of your game, and he's honestly being a bit much. obviously one person doing all of this work on fakemons isn't going to be exactly like pokemon clover with 20+ people. your sprites look sick and all of the features you added are so awesome and helpful! i'm gonna be downloading and playing it through asap, keep up the awesome work!!
    Hey Pekin started up fakemon firered recently and I am loving it. Is there any reason that when I show the man that gives you the super rod a prionimo he says that it doesn't look like one? Thank you for a wonderful game
    Hi! I really liked playing through the game so far! I think u should start a thread here on Pokecommunity for Fakemon Fire Red (if u haven'ty already).

    p.s. u could make a new, completely original region based hack/fangame with these fakemon, like Pokemon Sage or Pokemon Vega, do u have any plans for making such a game?
    No worries man, take all the time you need. As I said, I was more concerned with how you were.
    Hey man, haven't heard from you in a while nor seen any progress? Is the Fakemon FireRed cancelled or...?
    All of them? LOL

    Nah, uhh... none really. Add any of then you want, I have no preferred Fakemon besides Cryslien.
    No worries man, hope you have a good week and hope everything works out. Take care of yourself Pekin, be safe my man.
    Fakemon FireRed download link is 404 (down).

    Wikia page is up, but the download link to the latest version doesn't work.

    Please fix?

    I'm a big fan of your work, and I hope to see that you don't abandon it like everyone else.
    Someone said he looked like barney...
    I was just wondering. Where did you get your Platinum rom and DS emulator? The ones I got kept showing some Japanese writing on a blue background when I opened it and nothing else would happen after that.
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