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Percy Thrillington
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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Haha. I was definitely expecting something considerably more dramatic. Sucks about the sentimental tree though (I mean that although it sounds kinda sarcastic. haha).

    May well be, although tbh student finance in the UK is kinda awkward sometimes. Most people get paid just enough to afford their rent and then have to rely on overdrafts for living outside of that, but it's definitely really nice that we don't pay tuition fees until after we've graduated. I'm about... maybe it takes me a half hour or so in total to get in, but it's not really a big deal since buses here are so regular. Like literally every minute or two. Plus most people live a good 20 minutes out anyway; this uni has three campuses, two of which are close in but the third and biggest of which is a way out. And yeah... you're telling me @ the full-on alcoholic thing, haha. I'm pretty sure i have a problem these days. Plus in this city it's not juuuuuust alcohol that's all over the place and yeah. SELF-CONTROL NEEDED.

    It's pretty good for me yeah. There's a fair amount of organic chemistry involved but not like, to the level of a full-on chemist; we can't go into it in that much detail since we need to learn how to apply it all to biological systems too, figure out what's going on, stuff like that. There's a degree of pharmacology stuff involved too but mostly that's for people doing pure pharmacology courses; what I mostly look at is protein structure and function and what happens to them in mutation and what that leads onto later. Although I'm interested in quite a lot of general cell biology too, so I'm not 100% sure yet on if I'll be going into a biochemistry field specifically or something in cell biology. I suppose on the bigger picture it's all similar enough stuff though, haha. I'll stop talking now. 8D

    Oh man I'd actually love to go travelling in some way. Some day when I have like... money, I'll make it happen.

    Hmm, maybe you're right - although I'd not say there's much in particular about the label 'teenage' as opposed to just generally young. Then again, I'm a teenager still - so what do I know, haha. One day I'm sure I'll look back at myself now and be like "haha, you thought you knew it all back then". And oooo. Best of luck with it then; if you still visit here often do keep me updated on anything that happens with it. It'd be cool to know someone who actually wrote a novel rather than saying they would but never got it done.

    Yeah Audy's being really good with stuff, so is Gav. I tend to just look at their code and come up with ideas of my own and see if they work and go crying to them when it doesn't. 8D
    Orange isn't that great. Perks are nice. Modding the whole forum is nice. Having a say in forum-wide stuff is nice. But orange? Please let me be pink...lol
    That sounds like me. I've been working and doing boring school things. In the meantime, higher staff painted me orange.
    oh damn. it didn't even click that it was you when i did your username, otherwise i'd have dropped in to say hi, haha.

    Haha. Yeah it seems that way in a lot of places; I notice in America too people have a big tendency to live at home through uni. I'm pretty glad I didn't, though; definitely much prefer living away. How come you never lived on campus? Money issues? Ngl it's pretty good haha, but then, having a student house has been pretty cool too. We've got a basement so lolhousepartiesyupyup.

    YOU CAN DO IT MAN I BELIEVE IN YOU. But sounds cool if you know what it is anyway, haha. i.e. if you're not me.

    Good that it's been a good year for you too, that's usually how uni goes. I'd say this or the last year has been my best - probably this year. So much positive stuff's happened and I just really feel like I'm living in the right place and doing the right thing and generally stuff's preeeeeetty good. And @ that whole sounding awesome thing, it worked out pretty well in the end, yeah. I... imagine I'll likely be doing something similar i.e. extreme couchsurfing this summer too since once again I have nowhere to live! But I know a lot of people who'd put up with me for a while and I can try and see if I can temporarily sign a house or something. I'll make it work out.

    I actually will do at some point. A 13 y/o who can produce good quality content online is a rare specimen indeed. I know that whenever I think back to my 13 (14/15? idr) year old self online I just cringe. Like, a lot. ...a lot. Really awesome about the offline novel though. How much longer until you feel like you could really get moving with it?

    Haha, thanks a lot. It does make me wonder what I'm doing with my life, but I guess it's cool as long as I enjoy it. And it's actually really great that I'm finally getting around to learning some coding stuff, which I've been wanting to do for a long time but just never really had the incentive / means to. Also I feel PC old now. I am PC old now. Christ.
    Yeah, it's a pretty normal thing to do after you've finished your first year of uni. It's not the 'nicest' house ever but at this age I'd not expect anything more haha. Hopefully moving in over this coming weekend.

    Medical biochemistry which is... fun. And congrats man, what are you gonna be doing?

    Ouch, that stings. But at least you got in somewhere and honestly it'll be awesome wherever you go. And niiiiice, that's how it's done. I actually spent most of the summer living with one friend of mine (still am right now) so slightly less interesting but hey, it's been fun. Basically doing what you were doing haha.

    Link link link.
    not bad man. its been a pretty decent summer, moving into a house with some of my friends soon which is gonna be really awesome hopefully. aside from that im back at uni soon which is also pretty cool since it's been ages since i've seen a load of my friends from there and whatnot.

    what kinda stuff's kept you busy? and why the return to pc? d:
    eh it hangs. just started senior year of college. i think last time we talked i was a senior in high school, haha. how about you?
    Maybe so, but the fact I am a moderator, my opinion is still taken into account. And I am not concerned with your opinion really, I was just backing up Live_Wire since you were moaning at him.

    Good day. =]
    Your post was pretty stupid. Anyone who agrees to breaking the law, talking about joining these thugs and profiting from peoples fear is stupid.

    Live_Wire has a brain of his own and if he didn't think anything was wrong with your post, he wouldn't have deleted it.
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