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Perri Lightfoot
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  • So... its been a very long time since Super Rising Thunder came out and there were no updates or messages about the game... the Community is asuming that it is dead and will not be continued... but i have high hopes! I dont care how long i have to wait! I dont care if the game is getting finished or not! Super Rising Thunder will be the best rom hack i've ever played in my live! So... if you read this...(last activity was february 4th says pokecommunity) Please be inspired again by this comment. I want to know how the end of the game will be like. If you dont want to continue on the game then thats fine too. Just... message back please and tell it to me... I wish you the best of luck... and stay safe <3
    A person with a big heart who cares for other people
    Man, I still can't believe that this game ended up being cancelled despite the fact it was a great game. Such a shame, I really looked forward to the full release of the game.
    I guess I should assume SRT is dead?, if so that that is saddening but it's fine since their must have been a reason to do so.
    How is Super Rising Thunder going? It's one of my favorite Pokemon ROM hacks, although I'm having trouble getting into the secret room. Where does the beta end?
    Random question. In the beginning of Super Rising Thunder, was it Raikou that asks you for a phrase to describe yourself?
    miss Pink Parka Girl how do i start the pokemon super rising thunder alpha 2 when i open it with my emu it says clear all the save files, please how do i start it? please reply T_T
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