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  • Hi Pia, I think there is a glitch with the starter pokemon, it doesnt matter how many times I reset or choose another. they always end up being a female
    Looking into the cause, it seems to be the case for all gift pokemon and trainers as well
    Hi Pia, I would like to know if there is a way to use cheats in the game Pokemon Orange, since I would like to have marill at the beginning of the story, thank you very much
    Hey Pia, is there any link for the latest Update of Pokemon Orange? And two more Questions
    I Catched Lugia, Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos. Where Do I find Ho-oH?
    And where Do I get Hm02 Flying?
    Hey Pia, I hope you are doing well. I just thought I'd ask if the island walker version of Orange is going to have a release sometime soon, because I was thinking of replaying Orange. If a new version is around the horizon I'd rather wait. Hope to hear from you, cheers!
    Hope you're doing fine. Your hack looks awesome. I should have been nicer many years ago, I had completely lost my mind for several years, I've been healed from that. Accept my humble and most sincere apologies for my past misdoings. --80C.

    P.S.: The PokeCrystal section has been managed very well, altough I feel that the PokeRed one was left a bit aside, especially in the Tutorial and Fixes section. If in some distant future you're looking for somebody to fill that section with some tips on fixes, trivia, and add-ons, feel free to let me know, albeit by now I'm not that much active.
    Just gonna wait till the summer and get my laptop fixed then get pokecrystal. Ill just do a plan for the game before then
    Ye ik they are clear its just my laptop is broke so i cant use anything to do with windows. was just hoping there was another way
    Having trouble downloading pokecrystal
    My laptop is kinda fucked so I cant use any settings
    Any way I could download the file itself?
    Was thinking of having it set on one new small-ish region and making it story based. Gonna remove TMs cause it's set in a time before them. But still have moves from gen 2 have to be learned or tutored (except a couple from gen 3 ??????)
    Ok, so I was thinking of making a story based gen 3 pokemon but as a GBC game based off Crystal.
    I'm only going to have around 200 pokemon in the game all from gen 1-3 (except a couple from gen 4)
    I'm hoping to have the game in a new region and base every pokemons moves on Crystal (will add some moves).
    Any thoughts on the idea, how hard it will be or how long it would take?
    I was surprised that my browser saved my password to this place. I no longer have access to the email I used to sign up here. And for SKeetendo, I guessed my password and got logged in lol
    Same here lol. I would imagine most of us are all grown now. I haven't been here in years. Did you ever finish any hacks?
    I've been working a TON since Covid started - I've never actually taken the time to watch GT, but I've played many dragon ball games that had something from GT with it involved (budokai tenkaichi 3 comes to mind...) - i've been good though. I think that the world is slowly getting better, which is nice.
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