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  • Hi Piccolo I was playing your hack I found it had potential. So here's something for you:

    Sorry for the bug happening...
    The first one never pccured to me,
    But i also encountered second one,

    Send me the rom file(latest you are working with)
    And i will remove wild double battle and send it to you ;)
    I loved it,
    but you know, my charmander already evolved into charmelon and also ready to evolve into charizard,

    This can harm the game further,
    I think you should remove the variety of pokemon available,

    and also the IV display would be a great add-on,
    if you like have a look at my tool :)
    The game some time freezes on entering that cave entrance,
    and to make it somehow visible to players without you telling them
    you can make the tiles at the position somehow differ with the original :)
    I kept on moving left (sorry said right earlier) and then I see the mountain tile all over the screen letting me not to go anywhere,

    and also after defeating the gym the grunt runs away and I cant find what to do next...
    pall all side are blocked...
    There is another bug with OW palette while fishing :)

    EDIT: Found more bugs when moving right to the day care ....

    I think you need some beta-testers before releasing the game :)
    Yup. Suposedly KaiserNeko at least prefers the original score.
    I know, right? I prefer it wayyy more to the original, especially in DBGT. I wonder if Falconer did the score for Kai, too!
    I own all of the manga thanks to buying two boxsets for the DB saga and the Z saga respectively. I would like to buy the anime or manga if I can, maybe when they dub the Buu saga in the Kai format I will.

    Maaan, Falconers music was awesome! I don't know why the TFS guys dislike it...
    No problem!
    I do! I was actually watching a few episodes last night of the DB anime. Though I prefer to read the manga, for both Dragon Ball and Z!
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