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  • Mostly I import from Hong Kong and Tokyo, otherwise from across north america
    My credit cards keep getting security blocks for "weird purchases" over the internet
    Okay, it's up now. I'd create a philosophy club instead, except our subject ain't actually philosophy lol.

    Student loans don't charge more than a few hundred a month.
    It's Other Clubs. And we'll have to wait till Midori Chi approves of it before it appears.

    I have a $50,000 student loan to pay off when I start working lol. But I suppose a few thousand for a trip is no big deal. I won't be going by car though.
    But I don't have the money to go on a road trip where I can be myself.

    No worries, nobody excepts that great a performance on a Pokemon forum. As long as one person is on topic, nobody cares!
    I had to no time to play pervert.

    Oh btw, I created a Kawaii + Custom Graphics Club in Other Clubs, we can use that for now on since fan clubs died (sound good?), provided you have a cutie to talk about while talking. :P I'm sure you can come up with something.
    No idea, I can't seem to post in it. Sad >D

    A beautiful hangout, gone.
    ...Only one person I know has ever referred to me as "Murdah."

    Don't play me for a fool.
    Then I'll **** on your face for celebration. Kidding.

    Okay, this one's acceptable. Thanks!
    It's just horrible ugly.

    I know showing legs in an avatar is unrealistic but... wow there's an idea... legs banner! Meh... I'm reluctant.
    Your avatar really looks like a man when thumbnailed in Visitor Messaging....

    Dragonball Evolution?
    Either me or Malyka. I don't see why I would though, they aren't a band I'd remember.

    I haven't watched any dragon ball movies. I don't know.

    Why I expect a great song or two like Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki

    Also, I don't like Namie's voice. I prefer cute voice to her mature brand. MAKO Aikotoba brand.
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