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  • I'm not sure where I know you from. Are you maybe Pinkie Promise from my Korrina forum? Thats all I might be able to think of.

    I'll befriend you. I just hope you weren't a member of that awful KH forum <//3

    Thanks! Korrina is my most beloved thing ever <3 she's my reason to smile in this world now. If I had to live without her i just wouldn't fuction anymore :( Fangirl for life <333
    Wow. I rarely visit this site anymore. Probably bexause gimmiepie is such an insuferable moderator.

    "I'll debunk you as usual there JDJ harharhar." weeks pass by. "Don't worry, I'm working on it harharhar".

    Kid has no clue how guns work.

    Anyways, the link you posted has some good points (hollow points are not AP and pretty much the exact opposite), but really, all your verbal ammunition should come straight from the FBI. Their statistical analysis and make up essentially sent gimmiepie running for the fuckin' hills because you really can't argue with cold, hard data. Ha!

    I suggest using the FBI's UCR data tables, the DOJ's conviction statistics and criminal demographics and if they being up suicide, shove their damned noses in it with major suicide trackers. We're (the US) way behind Europe in suicides statistically as well as violent crimes if I recall. Really though my friend, I suggest not wasting your time and energy on these folk. Not really worth the effort and lord knows I've tried to reason with them calmly and kindly and it just isn't possible.
    So the anime forums are still trash here I see
    I don't bother posting ratings much. Half the talk includes off topic stuff, the other half compares live action ratings (which are still declining in the 18-49 demographic for NCIS) to anime.

    Bored of it. To be honest the whole sub forum for Pokémon Anime bores me. Constant bashing of X series. Said my one piece on XY and moved on. Might post occasionally but to be honest, why bother.
    Is it a jojo reference tho? I think it's more a reference of his old sprite art on the OG R/B games.

    The Jigglypuff thing's a bit... weird... don't know how it'll pan out in the long run since we've seen the gag done well (and to death).
    {XD} Well what did you expect? oh and don't forget Brocks rock hard abs... {XD}

    Still tho, it was a fun two part episode, that really tugged those nostalgic strings in my brain.
    Yo! Raphael-Sensei

    It's been a year since I've joined the community, thank you for showing me the ropes!!! I will always be grateful, sorry I wasn't able to greet you on your b-day... Stay Frosty man.
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