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  • Ooh it's true. I heard that California will someday bombarded by earthquakes. But scientists do not know when!
    Well, I never traveled in America. I travaled all around the world, but not in America yet.
    As Ukrainian, America is still unknow for me xD
    But I hope to visit it one day, and very soon!

    What happens in San Andreas?
    Wow, well I hope that you're not stressed, I wish you all the best about your exams <3

    It should be nice!
    You're proud to be Californian, don't you? =)
    You know, Cinccino would definitely be an option - I already have one trained around level 60 named Cappuccino (I do food nicknames) and I'm developing a Minccino Pokesona. That'd be perfect o:
    You have some exams too? D:

    You can see the location of users here, but many of them don't put their location, or they will put something like
    Location: Near my computer xD
    You can even make a club in the right section! A club with California people and all, it should be interesting to speak between Califorian people :3
    Oh thank you! I agree with you completely though, she is pretty... lackluster.

    But she's so cute, Idk who to replace her with because aesthetically she really goes with the team ;n;
    Hello there!
    How are you Pinkie?

    I looked on the "search" and you can't see people who are they from. But you can even look a their profil their location, if they added their location. But you have to look profil per profil to see if they're from California :3
    Go ahead, I love talking to more people, not too many contacts on there anyway D:
    I've had several people mistake me for a mod here until they found out it was a PC Supporter.

    It's been officially 2 months since I got Supporter now.
    Bulbagarden was my first forum, but I left due to the strict rules.

    Bit funny you came across my old account. And nope, I'm not a mod here, I'm a PC Supporter, which is someone who donates money to the site.
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