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  • I left them open for interpretation, but if you like I can invent some background and such. Otherwise, I'm fine with whatever you come up with :)
    Whoa man, sorry about the late reply! I was just going through my VMs and I must have missed this one. My deepest apologies!

    I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Just shoot me another message with what you want to know. Other than that, you are free to create the mission scenario in any way you choose.
    I made a new avatar for you, since the current one is a bit off :3

    Hey man, I'll send you my part of your next post later tonight, after class. Sorry for the wait!
    Yeah, definitely! How about I pm you a small part where Binary comes and briefs Proto, and then you handle the rest?
    Alright. Just to let you know, Magic, yourself, and I are the only ones who haven't posted yet, so I may end up moving the others along, and we'll just catch up with them. :)
    Hey don't forget to make an IC post soon, a bunch of the others are already waiting to for the next part!
    Hey westside. It's been a considerable ammount of time since you last posted in PTA. What's up?
    just have your character talk to the Professor, I'll post as you receiving the starter in the morning... finally am I starting to get tired

    It's hard for me to think that, because of a million personal issues I have, and the overwhelming masses telling me I can't make a decent RP, and that I will never be a decent GM.

    Yet, everyone seems to be giving me a lot of compliments for it.

    I'm surprised, to say the least.
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