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  • Hi, i played fr Lg plus, and ir has far away island Port! I would like to find a far away island patch
    Hi! I know that fire red has some ugly tiles... But grass , threes and mini Sprites áre better than emerald/Dark Violet
    Ah, I'm hanging in there... been in and out of mental hospitals these past couple of years, but I'm doing alright as of now ^^ I'm glad you're doing okay! :) I missed this place so much, tbh, so happy to be back! I was wondering if you would be up to a role-play?
    My favourite Region would have to be either Kanto or Hoenn. It's a little hard to decide. My least favourite of all is Unova. I hated it, tbh. The B/W/B2/W2 games were just awful to me. They didn't really satisfy me, if you know what I mean.

    Favourite town/city background music? Mine would have to be Goldenrod City's or Lavender Town's.
    Mine are Red, Blue, Misty, Erika, Giovanni, Ethan, Lance, Falkner, Silver, Brendan, Flannery, Maxie, Roxanne, Wally, and Dawn. The newer generation characters I didn't like as much.
    Mine was Rattata in Pokémon Yellow

    Who is your favourite Pokémon game human character?
    Ah, I remember the day HeartGold and SoulSilver came out. I was so excited about finally playing the remakes of the GameBoy Gold and Silver that I bought both games. I played SoulSilver first, and as I started, I was immediately hooked. Personally, I really enjoyed them. I would definitely go back to them after Emerald.

    What was the first Pokémon game you remember playing, and if so, what was the first Pokémon you remember catching?
    Ah, about that... I actually don't have the Switch, and probs won't for a long time. My mom says I have way too many electronics atm. I'm still trying to convince her to allow me to get the Switch if I pay for it with my own money. I've been dying to play the Switch version of Pokken Tournament, Pokken Tournament DX.

    What's the most nostalgic game from before 2011 that you would like to go back to? Mine is Emerald.
    Oooh, I actually have a few other biases, now that I think about it. I like I.M. from Monsta X, Kim Junsu from JYJ, and Rose from Blackpink, and Kai from EXO.
    I stan quite a few other groups, but the ones I really have a bias from is Kim Myungsoo (L) from INFINITE and G-Dragon from BigBang.

    Sorry for the late reply! It's Jonghyun (passed away a year ago) from the Kpop Group SHINee.
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