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  • I'm confused. When I did nothing, my Twitter account was locked. It seems that things are very strange.Ohhh.
    Okay.Hmmm...It's also because of regional reasons.What is your Twitter account, maybe I can add you, or can you accept me asking you some English questions? Haha:)You know, we learn English.
    I think this is a very interesting thing for you:)
    Oh, the Chinese in the first screenshot indicates that you need to fill in the invitation code, but you don't need to fill in the invitation code, so uncheck the box to proceed directly to the next step. The Chinese meaning of the second screenshot is that you need to edit SMS 1 and send it to 10690700511 to confirm your identity.
    QQ seems to have language settings, you can try to switch to English.
    Unfortunately, now I need to get a good ranking in my studies, and it's when I need to get good grades, and I need to study hard every day, so there may be very little time online in the future.T^T
    Ok, the Chinese meaning on the screen is that you need to register with the normal version of qq, it looks a bit troublesome.However, the QQ version of the app store is not up to date, I have a network software, let me provide you with the latest version of QQ through this software, then there should be no problem.I am sorry to let you spent so much time doing it.Sorry againT^T
    Here is the link:https://mega.nz/#!RqpFSSRJ!P5MZtY7WdHfqU4j9YjsW9TyL3IS5RvywsNjANLkoSZA
    The meaning of the prompt means that the current QQ version is not the latest version, prompting you to use the latest version of QQ to register, then you can register QQ.
    I am still a college student and need to study at school, so I don't have many time online. It's a pity.T^T
    This sounds a bit strange. As for WeChat, I don't use it. I use another software, QQ. If you are interested, you can try QQ. I am looking forward to adding friends to you on QQ.
    My English is not very good.Hmm...there will be some grammatical mistakes, I hope you can understand me!
    I am happy we can make friends each other.I am a Chinese so i can't online very often. :(
    it means i can't often talk with you.hmmmm...hope we can be good friends!(๑>؂<๑)
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