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  • Great! Drew something already, which I posted in my art thread :D It's been a lot of fun so far ~

    Yeah....the dex news is really tiring. Some people are seriously taking it too far. I am a little bit concerned but nowhere near as bothered as others are, would just be nice for Game Freak to at least update some of the super stiff attack animations (like the notorious Double Kick).
    Hi! Pretty good, relaxing on bed atm and testing out the new ipad /o/ You??
    I actually like this new blue on you. It happened due to Silver and Gold Tiers being merged with Crystal. Platinum Tier still retains their colour though.
    Nah I didn't get the game! Been too busy lately what with a bit of crunch time at work and the house move. We released our trailer in the middle of last week though and it's already gotten a million views :D
    Oooh that is awesome! :D Man, how does it feel to be almost done?
    Enjoying the game I take it?

    Lots for me actually! Changing jobs/studios, moving to London too! Exciting times!
    I think you moveset suggestions are good. I think Kommo-o was definitely the big winner of the Move Tutors, as well as Lurantis and Lycanroc.
    I agree. UB Assembly would overtake Guzzlord as the worst UB, it's basically destined to be in the PU tier.
    What do you think of the types for the new UBs and how they'll fare in competitive?

    UB Burst shares Chandelure and A-Marowak's Fire/Ghost typing, UB Assembly is Rock/Steel (same typing as Aggron/Bastiodon/Probopass) while a new one introduced in the latest trailer, UB Adhesive is pure Poison.
    pretty cool, Lunala especially... I liked the previews/screenshots we saw, the world looked much more vibrant ^^ though I wish it were for the Switch too. cool that theyre developing a main series game for Switch but maaan that wont be for like 2 more yrs ):
    i am!! not as much as SuMo but I love Alola so i can't wait to go through it again <3
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