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Poké Bean
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  • Hey, Happy Birthday!... Well, kind of. I'm saying this a day early to prove I remembered instead of using the main page to cheat. I missed your birthday last year and I felt bad about it, so here I am now!

    Anyway, I wanted to take the time to say thanks, for everything. It's weird to think, but the only reason I'm even here on PC is because the Superstar Challenge you posted. It looked so lonely, despite it looking like a legitimately fun challenge. Me and my brother were getting concerned that it wasn't getting any players, and it got us to sign up and do it ourselves. Speaking of which, we still have Rex and Spark!

    But anyway, I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to the world of PC. The Superstar Challenge, the PC Puzzle League, the Partner Tourney... I'll never forget any of those. And I have you to thank for giving me such good memories!

    Thanks again, and Happy Birthday! ^^
    Sorry to see you leave SMT, Spoony! You were definitely the most dedicated member and I thank you for always being so consistent and reliable with posting. I also really want to apologize just in general for my spotty activity, I know how I am with most things on PC, I'll be really dedicated for a while then completely drop everything for days to weeks - I must have been frustrating to work with because of that.

    Hope to see you around PC still, hopefully you can start to enjoy being around here again without all the responsibilities. :)
    Thank you Spoony

    I see a lot of people thanking you on your page so I figured I would as well.
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