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  • So, you're doing well in Pokemon White.

    Hey, we both chose Oshawott as our starter (mine's now a Samurott and I bred him with a Ditto to produce another Oshawott).

    I can give you tips if you have an area of concern.

    And catch a lot of Pokemon if you can!
    It's here too, I got some issues when I still bought magazines (and I really liked it over Nintendo Power, to be honest). But yeah, that will do, plus there is a bunch of good games getting out in the next two quarters.

    The main problem here is that the EU is designing an institutional system based on the Euro, so the non-Euro countries are feeling wary they'll have to join (and the only one who actively said they don't want to join is the UK), so, in the end, Cameron is trying to control that design and get the chance to stay away, making the negotinations even harder.

    Yesterday some MP's in Italy started punching each other. It was very fun. Also look at the Express' cover today if you get the chance, it's as ridiculous as usual but the headline is absolutely true.
    Yeah, there is a bunch of cheap 8 and 16 bit games out there, if you haven't played them before. And the charger is the same used for the DSi series, so...

    The Eurozone is the group of countires using Euro as currency, currently 17 out of the 27 EU countries, although there are 7 (plus some from outside) which are in line waiting to get allowed in. Then there is Poundland, who will not relinquish their money ever- Blair was too scared to open up a referendum and Cameron has decided to boycott the Euro as much as he can. Obviously, the UK giving a single cent to help us is out of the picture- the goal is keeping him out of the Euro discussions.
    Battery life: with 3D and music full on, it lasts me around 3~4 hours. Add in an extra half an hour when you are using 2D mode. Also there is a "Energy saving" mode that changes the lighting to fit the images on the screen, squeezing another half an hour in a game with several ambiance changes.

    For DS games (and the GBA/NES/GB games from the virtual console), the larger screen gets a frame around so the images retain their original size.

    More or less, the Eurozone is about to explode as the Greek debt crisis (already spreaded to Portugal and Ireland) is also about to hit Italy. If that happened, the EU can pretty much be considered dead. So the President of Eur- I mean, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, is talking to her deputy, Nicolas Sarkozy of France, to find a way to guarantee the debt and make it possible for the other countries to pay the already existing one. The main idea is turning the European Central Bank into an European Ministry of Finance and give them actual powers on the economies of the members, turning the EU into a de facto Federal Union.

    Cue the 10 countries outside of the euro, leaded by Cameron and the British tabloids, screaming that they didn't sign up for this and that they want to have a say on the plans for the 17 euro countries.

    And now the options increasingly look like two: the United States of Europe or an European Commonwealth without any political powers. Brussels has never been so entertaining as it is these days!

    (By the way, if it isn't obvious, my area of expertise is politics XD)
    I need to look into that this Christmas- sounds like something I would enjoy, as I tend to read a lot. In fact, one of may friends suggested it as a birthday present, I should have accepted XD

    And the difference between a regular 6th-generation DSi and a new, 7th-generation 3DS in Amazon is a grand total of L14. Not to mention that you can play any 3D games in 2D if it hurts your eyes (there is a nice slide button to choose the depth), and that DSi-only games are going to disappear next year maximum... and DSi's cannot play 3DS games, which will be the only ones to exist sooner than later.

    Essentially, buying a DSi now is like buying a PS2 instead of a PS3 that can also play PS2 games. And it being 15 pounds cheaper isn't that great of an argument in my opinion.

    And about politics... well, the conservative leader has been promising to end the Eurozone crisis as soon as he's elected so I hope it blows up on his face by next year :( I'd be really happy if he does solve all of the EU problems, but for some reason I don't expect him to.
    I just can't wait to see Labour being kicked and the Conservatives being handed a majority- wait, actually I can (fun fact: in Spain, a majority means 2x more dictatorship levels than in the UK btw, specially since they already control most of the Communities, and getting the federal government means 4 years of deep, dark blue for everybody).

    Also I need a Kindle :( I read it on a nice program called Press Reader for PC but... absolutely not the same. At least I can download and keep it.

    A DSi? o_O Why don't you but a 3DS? It can make all the DSi games and programs work, plus all the 3DS games. Plus it's cheaper. And I think you already have several kinds of DSi's, don't you? XD
    Good, except this year I'm busier than usual, specially since this week I'm attending some conferences about politics. Oh, the joy of having elections next month.

    Also I'm kind of sad to hear that The Guardian is not being printed anymore on Spain, the online edition is just not the same.

    What made you come back? (good news!)
    can you do some plant starter polls... I have been waiting for those, because most of the time, I use a plant starter. you have done Fire and Water but no Plant :'(
    Oh my god you still exist around these lands XD I thought I'd only see you on Twitter ever again.
    Hello. Can I add you on MSN? Sorry for being too direct, but I'm not good too with starting conversations.
    Pfft, becca is the second awesome old member whose profile I check in two days just to find out that it is only stalked by bots nowadays D:
    Hell, some good stuff for me. Recently, I got my Wi-Fi back up, on GPX+ I've gotten a Novelty and Legendaries. :D Your good luck?
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