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  • Thanks! The panel actually looks different now because i had to restart the animation a while ago, but it looks a lot cuter now :3 its going really well now that i know what im doing haha ^^
    Oh thank you! Im gonna add to it if i can :) yes watercolor is pretty cool. It can be used for any drawing. Yeah, im animating a female pokemon trainer, but shes just a background character in pokemon xy. There arent going to be any pokemon in that one. I know you saw my album, so you actually saw the first frame of the animation before i had to completely restart it
    I really like to draw characters from my favorite shows :) i love to draw pokemon trainers, and in my opinion, im pretty good at it! I would say my strong suit would probably be watercolor painting, even though i havent done it in a while. Its super pretty, fun, and easy! Im really good at watercolor painting. Im also working on an animation project. Its just a test, but its going really well! If you want to, you can see some of my art in my art album i posted here
    Cool! Im an artist too :3 once i drew some of my favorite pokegirls in pikachu hoodies ^^ the hoodies are a super bright yellow!
    Wow! Thats a good idea :3 you should totally try that. I think it would look very cool! Ive always wanted to sew. Making cool clothes sounds really fun!
    How nice ^^ whats your ideal pokemon team? Mine would be lucario (with a lucarionite) riolu, skitty, vaporeon, Tsareena, and pikachu! (With the pink dress from alpha sapphire)
    Oh cool! Im sort of new here too! A good friend of mine introduced me to this place :) ive never tried a challenge before. Are they fun?
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