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  • Hi! I duno if i'll answer a lot of my vms i have right now. This forum is huge and overwhelming for me :( often i'll meltdown after coming on here. so i try not to login a lot.

    I'm doing good, though! i had a nice easter :3 did you as well have a nice easter?

    (also me and some friends made an inner joke about one of my friends' pet rabbit being the easter bunny xD it was adorable haha^^)
    I'm great and I feel this community is great.

    I have been known to sometimes calls others digimon haters if they hate digimon or lowball them though.
    sheep wool is generally very scratchy, but i do wonder what mareep wool is like <3
    Sorry, i didn't feel like logging in for awhile ^_^;; forums can overwhelm me. I did mention my account on here on a lucid dream forum today, though. I duno what that'll lead to but oh well xD

    I like cute digimon^^
    it was my edgy phase after that death battle episode and i do apologize for it (but i still prefer pokemon)
    Well the first thing you've already leant about me is that I'm useless at getting back to people. XD

    My text? I'm not quite sure what you mean. :o

    Anyway, how are you? Have you been enjoying your holidays? :)
    Thanks :) I like you too.

    Who's your favorite Digimon?

    I really like a lot of digimon, i think. But a lot of the time my overall favorite seems to be calumon, cuz i'm such a sucker for super cutesy things xD And he kinda reminds me of myself a little too.
    BTW, are you having a nice 2019 so far? I've been enjoying the year i guess xD though i have weird anxiety attacks about some stuff at the moment O.o; *shrug* trying to get over all of it though. meds and suppliments help.
    They....are okay. I haven't been much into logging into this forum though (someone i USED to be friends with is ignoring me and its triggering my autism really badly :< i used to think that person was wonderful back in 2017, i don't get why they're acting so.....mean o___o; cept that they should be taught a lesson for acting this way >_<;;; )
    I think UnownR has more to do with Fire Type than they're telling us, sometimes it feels like grasping for straws, but I will never give up on my little carrot top.
    Hi! I generally like getting to know someone a little before making friend requests, if it's all the same to you. ^__^
    sorry but i dont really know you :( i only really have people im familiar with on my friends list.
    I accepted it earlier ;)

    Do you have discord? Maybe sometime we could chat pokemon or video games stuff on there :3

    Or Digimon too. I also like digimon (it was a favorite anime of mine as a child too).
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