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  • Hey there! Just thought I should let you know that spoiler tags in signatures aren't allowed. So, if you could remove that in your sig, it would be great!
    Sounds good man, hope you stop by the server. I've been laddering a bit myself but showdown has been lagging a lot recently.
    A guy just dropped out of our clan so it might be worth signing up if you want to play with us. Good pokes are Landorus, Metagross-Mega, Keldeo, mostly the usual guys, Thundurus-T and Tangrowth are cool and underrated though. If you want to get up to speed more it might be worth looking at smogon's viability rankings. Feel free to hit me up on the server about this as well.
    hehe well i wrote it over the summer actually when i was more "here" - i consider myself gone anyway though i will still stop in as i have been for years
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    that's exactly why bp got banned, it took team match-up to an absurd and uncompetitive extreme

    as for tutoring i think you're right though i wouldn't really mind "ok" players acting as tutors cause a) it will probably make them feel more included and important and b) we can always fix bad advice later, i think the real key is just to get people excited about competitive and excited to contribute to the community
    Havent played UU yet.

    Ou is "ok" just a few broken ass mons like Mawile Mega, Landorus-I and Charizard/Thundurus sort of but not really. Everything else is managable. Aegislash has been banned so it should be a bit more diverse now.
    bp was horrible broken cause speed boost scolipede (imagine ninjask but superior bulk and iron defense) and magic bounce espeon which beat down taunt and some other stuff i can't remember rn cause it's nearly 3 am, but yeah they were broken af and ruined laddering since it was all no skill bs, then they nerfed it to only 3 bp users and it was STILL broken cause uhhh scoli and espy still exist? not fun.

    i think your point about trying to force a saddle on a cow is legit, i definitely think an approach of "well a few tours will get people excited" is exactly the WRONG way to do it, it's gotta be changing how pc s&m brings in new users etc and makes the community work, i may post in detail on that shortly idk. kinda busy now but yolo
    i do like the direction of the thread atm cause i think our criticisms are spot on but we can't just throw people out, nor should we, plus there's a lot of potential in the fake battling userbase if they wanna actually battle and that would be nice to hit two birds (activity, refocusing back to competitive) w/ one stone, though eventually i think we will have given enough opportunities and if you still haven't battled you should go to tpc. but that's a long ways away.

    i had the same relationship with pbr, one of the main reasons i got a wii but ended up not even buying it :(

    ironically ou gets better on the middle part of the ladder (like 1600s ish) cause those people haven't figured out how to abuse the broken pokes together or can't use then v well, so the meta is a little more sane and is actually p fun. i chilled there my first month or so back before building a really good team that got me high on ladder and it was a ball, once i got to upper i just kept running into bp teams (finally nerfed to hell) or deosharp (rip deoxys-d, but not rly he was da wurst) so yea lol

    oh and yeah there's a ho-oh, i've gotten it before. only sad part is you can't reset for ivs and nature i dont think
    there are some MAJOR shots fired at the server chat quality in your new post lololol (it used to be much worse tho, a year and a half ago i threw a ♥♥♥♥♥fit about how there were FREQUENT convos about the username colors people were getting, which was as appalling and depressing and faith-in-humanity-killing as you'd think lol, and yea they were about as fruitful as you might expect as well: not at all, go read old posts in the server sticky if you hate yourself lol)

    ou isn't too unstable, it's just kinda stale :( once relevant bans happen i'll let you know that it's safe to come back haha. tho rn teams kinda build themselves so that's kinda nice i guess

    xd is just like colo, you fight cipher (shadow pkmn people), snag those pokes, profit. xd is objectively better imo but colo is significantly more difficult (you tend to be underleveled in boss fights) and is a deal cooler imo--the feel is more "criminal thugs do a way better job than team rocket" instead of the overwrought "DARKNESS" everywhere in xd, and you get to catch entei/cune/kou which is fun (that's how i got my cune for emerald battle frontier)
    no idea about post college plans i'm a lover not a fighter ;)

    ou isn't terrible if they just banned the insanely op mons, after that there's a lot of variety and nuance that's getting drowned up by mmaw's effective base 259 atk (seriously, it's that high) spamming play rough and sucker punch but eventually it'll get fixed

    colo is kinda bad objectively but is super fun, xd is colo but with its flaws fixed, lots of fun. mostly use it for the pokemon though

    pc has niche over smogon as tight-knit community that battles but also lives it up which can ne done but yea server's gotta be fixed
    in my humble opinion, the battling community exists but is driven underground by the mass of randoms that have been enabled for years (and just to avoid bashing the present this was something that started when i still ran the place soooo yeah i guess i can only complain so much but ugh) but yeah it can get pretty frustrating. your post actually hit the nail on the head pretty well at least in terms of how i feel about the situation.

    probably won't get rse remakes until a few years down the road but looking forward to them, still playing through emerald, actually linking it up with xd as i'm writing this haha, should be fun. competitive is ok but ou needs to ban aegislash, charizard-x, mawile, pinsir, landorus, and thundurus before it becomes varied in a good way (aka not total chaos where you throw in thund as a catchall to setup sweepers cause otherwise you're toast) but ou isn't unplayable or anything, and there's still some room for innovation etc. personally i'm about to try uu which is a more traditional gen4 style meta as far as i can tell with more scarfers less (but still present) priority and some old favs like blissey pert nape etc so looking forward to that.

    studying history, probably not too surprising. i've been watching hardwood classics on nbatv, usually lakers/celtics from the 80s is on, there was an awesome jazz/sonics game from 92 i think that was great. but i'm not a huge tv guy, just play a lot of ball and hang out here :x
    pretty well, just shootin' through college, ballin' it up over the summer (no really, there's nothing to do besides go to work and play basketball, and mons obviously), finally caught an hp grass zapdos ingame in leafgreen with good ivs/nature (lg is a nightmare to rng lol), but mostly just waiting for summer to be over so i can ditch this joint again (no offense to pc but if i'm here it's an obvious sign that i'm bored lol) and get back to school. it will be slightly more depressing cause so many friends are abroad, but it happens, y'know?

    how about pokedra? or pokie, if you prefer. keke
    You find time for FullMetal! ;-;

    Yeah, add me! Scarlett 4699 6539 0670

    I've been tryinggg to get started on Steins;Gate, but I get bored in the first couple episodes. ):<
    Ahh I was alluding to Code Geass... Lelouch had a double life, right. :P

    Once a champ, always a champ. I prefer breeding the Pokemon over battling. I don't know, I just have a hard time memorizing battle sets and things when in the heat of the moment. D: Breeding is very calming, though! Plus, everyone is a winner there. :'3

    Why aren't we 3DS friends? :P Ohh, I started watching Noragami.
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