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  • College just takes a lot of you. I haven't even got those Pokemon Hoenn remakes yet been busy with college too. XD
    Such is the life of busy people xD well i hope you like it its probably my favorite region haha
    I played AS and X and Y currently none atm though probably cause ive finished everything i wanted to in them xD
    There are some hacked roms that have amazing storylines though but the others which include pokemon eating people are the ones I really dislike.
    Wow that's cool, me and my younger B also had pokemon battles when I decided to buy firered knowing my first pokemon game was a hacked rom. He was damn a better trainer than me XD.
    lol i love how i go in for food and its just like OMG LOOK AT THAT ITS SO CUTE well...there goes this weeks money :P
    lol i understand that i have a couple animals (probably not as expensive as a horse) but everytime i go to the pet store i find my wallet weighing alot less xD
    Oh thats so cool i always wanted to ride more i took lessons and learned but never got to do it often
    That's awesome. Btw, what was your first pokemon game? Mine was actually a hacked rom full of fakemon and when I watched the pokemon anime I thought I was playing a different pokemon game. XD
    Awesome consoles, I suggest you try explorers of sky too, it's awesome with the new features and Blue rescue team red rescue team are basically the same.

    A dude told me here that the PS3 also has its own yellow light of death where that little green power indicator turns yellow for a half a second, and then shuts off after beeping three times. This happens for the same reason why the red ring of death occurred on the Xbox 360, the lead-free solder cracked and disrupted the connection between the processors and the motherboard, and the system can't work after that.
    Cool, my favorite PMD was Explorers of Sky and Red Rescue team. The first pokemon ranger was the hardest of them all imo.

    What consoles do you have?
    Wow, same here I happen to like pokemon from Gen IV specially the legendaries and the video games I'm interested are mostly open-world. I also like some role-playing games like Persona 3, Pokemon Ranger Series, and Yu Gi Oh.
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