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  • Good afternoon!
    I am a big Pokémon fan and I am looking for a fan game made by the cutlerine(creator of snakewood) back in 2010.
    It was a mini hack, named Pokémon cangrejo. If you have it, or know some way to contact the Cutlerine, please contact me!
    Hello! Just a reminder that we have a new update in Outbreak! Check it out soon! Thanks!
    Actually wait that isn't irony, that's just facts that fit into other character's lives and a fact that could cause friendship or rivalry. Either way it's kinda cool. ^-^
    Haha thanks. It's also slightly ironic that his name is Nathan and he has a Gallade much like the other Nathan, and that his Mother has worked in the orphanage in Florama where another character was xD. I'm currently typing it up, and I'll try not to make it crap o3o
    hey yeah that's ok, i left that there for that exact purpose haha;

    and i would appreciate you not writing my character's lines in the future :3 it's ok this time around because you did write her in-character, but next time it might be inconvenient to the plans i might have made for the character. dont worry too much about it though, just ask for permission/a joint post next time around, yeah?
    Progress is slow but steady. The tablet I'm using runs out of battery pretty quickly, so I have to keep it constantly on the charger.
    Hello! This is your friendly Outbreak Game Master, reminding you that there has been an update to the storyline and your participation is desired! Thank you!
    All right! Will post soon! I'm just fixing some things IRL because school will resume again soon.
    Thanks :3 possibly her uncle's death will be brought up later in conversation or so.
    Oh. I guess I must have read your post way too fast first time, I didn't notice you mentioning me at all. Sorry xD
    It is not available to you at this point. I'll try to fit it into the story for you though, but for now, you're weaponless when you come to on the plane.
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