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    Correct. Do you need the Pokemon back? Otherwise I will release them.

    First 5 digit number should be your ID, and the second one should be your SID.
    It's basically a chat room. It's a little more complicated; but that mostly just for setting up your own channel or registering a username to you.

    Are you able to trade now? I just need to catch 2 filler Pokemon really fast.
    Hi, did you add my FC? It's in my signature. If you haven't, it's "0946 2243 9665". I'm a little rusty so forgive if I take a while to figure out your SID. Or if I fail haha, I haven't played Pokemon in maybe 3-4 months.

    If you are familiar with IRC, maybe you could join [here]? It'd make it easier to talk to you in real time. If not, that's okay too; VMs will do just fine.
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